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Which motorcycle boots are best for you depends on your style of riding, your bike, the season and personal taste. There is a very wide choice these days for motorcycle footwear. If you are a long distance commuter or tourer you will want a waterproof boots, and potentially a Gore-Tex version. In our view, Daytona offers the very best for high mileage riders. We offer theirs and a number of other high quality touring and commuting boots. There is also a growing sector that caters for the more adventure orientated rider. These adventure boots offer thicker soles, more ankle and shin protection, a chunkier silhouette and, normally, clips! For the more casual or urban rider the option will be a short boot or even a motorcycle trainer. On any motorcycle boot, even a short boot, you want a grippy sole, added protection at the toe and heel and, preferably some ankle protection. In addition motorcycling boots should be approved to the standard EN 13634. Finally, for ladies, we have a selection of long and short boots for both riders and pillions. 

For the best adventure boots we would suggest you look at the Forma boots range which offers tall and short versions of their different performance levels of adventure boots.


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Falco Arrakis boots in black / grey

meng: falco arrakis

after my Klim boots split warranty ignore by Klim I decided to get these boots as Klim were too expensive. Really comfy for walking easier to put on and take off than Klim. Its slightly higher so potentially more waterproofing. However I noticed the BOA type wheel came off luckily I found the two parts in garden . So not sure about long term durability. BUT comfy, good value, cheaper than Klim

Klim Outlander GTX boots in asphalt / high risk red

Graham: Outstanding boots

These are the second pair of Outlander boots I have bought, the first are coming to the end of their life after 40k hard miles. They are so comfortable to wear on and off the bike for me there was no choice but to get another pair. I have some hand made motorcycle boots but these are more comfortable and usable.

Belstaff Endurance boots in brown

Paul Rose: Excellent boots, can wear them all day

I bought these because I wanted a good pair of boots that I dont need to change out of when I get to work. They are quite stiff and clumpy at first so I wore them around the house for a week before using them on the bike. Having used them for a few months I reckon they are now about 90 broken in. They are really comfortable, but still a little stiff, However, I can wear these all day even on fairly hot summer days, teamed with a pair of cool-wick socks. The fit is on the narrow side, which is perfect for me, and the ankle strap definitely helps with walking around in them. Excellent boots. I am very pleased with them. Oh, and they kept my feet dry when riding in the rain.