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This week, we've got some new video reviews for your edification and delectation. We’re recording new videos, by the way, just about every day of the week, so if you don’t want to miss out on new and exciting products, click here.

In fact, two of the products we've featured in this bulletin are hugely significant, and indeed dedicated video reviews on them have already been sent out to some customers. We're talking specifically about PMJ's new, single-layer, Tex-Pro jeans and Rukka's Kalix 2.0 suit. Both are going to 'disrupt' the market, as they say. Take a look for yourself.

But we've also got some reviews about existing products, as well as a review from Billy about an interesting new pair of motorcycling Chelsea boots from TCX. They’re biking boots for those who don’t want to look like a biker.

This week Sara has done a review of Rukka's high-end Suki Pro, laminated, ladies suit, whilst Chris talks us through the Klim Krios Pro; it’s truly the most revolutionary motorcycle helmet to come onto the market in years.

Chris also gives us an overview of Daytona boots, with a quick look at all the models in the range. Every boot, by the way, has its own dedicated, more detailed video on the relevant product page on our website.

It's not a video, but we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that, if you're stuck for ideas, our Gift Cards will cause any biker to love you just that bit more. So, towards the end of this bulletin, we’ve shown how you can still get one in time for for Xmas.

PMJ single-layer jeans now here! Watch the review

Here Chris introduces PMJ’s new Tex Pro single-layer jean. It’s a jean that is set to disrupt the protective jean market. It is as light to wear as a pair of Levi’s, yet it delivers a leather-like slide time, and is rated at the highest AAA level. But what makes the jean so special is a price of just £230, including a leather belt! Obviously all the armour is included.


TCX Staten Chelsea boot video review

In this video ‘Billy the boots’ tells us about a new biking boot from TCX. It’s designed for those who really don’t like doing shoe laces. Called the Staten, they look like traditional Chelsea boots. They are fully protective, even in the ankles, and come with a waterproof membrane. Off the bike, they’ll just look like casual, street footwear.


Rukka Kalix 2.0 suit now in stock. Watch the review

Rukka’s new Kalix 2.0, Gore-Tex, laminated suit has little in common with its over-simplified predecessor. The new version has a 2-layer laminated membrane, as opposed to its predecessor’s 3-layer one, which means it’s more comfortable to wear. It also has much better venting, but most amazingly Rukka has actually managed to lower the price. Chris also tells us what’s missing from the suit, because at this price something will always have to give.


Daytona boot video video review

Chris loves Daytona boots. He must do because he keeps telling us they’re the best in the world. But in this review, he attempts to explain why they’re better and why money spent on a Daytona boot is money well spent. We learn about the leather, how the boot are made, and how to ensure that you’ll be wearing them in 10, or even 20, years’ time. Please excuse the fact that he does have a tendency, occasionally, to repeat himself!


Rukka ladies Suki Pro suit video review

There aren’t many, high-end laminated suits for ladies. The Rukka Suki, as Sara explains, is one of the very best but, importantly, because the outer Cordura contains a degree of stretch, the Suki is also one of the most comfortable ladies’ suits on the market. It’s not inexpensive, and unless you do 10,000 miles a year, it’s a bit OTT.


Motolegends Gift Cards

Gift cards available on the website

Buying a gift for a motorcyclist can be incredibly difficult. Bikers are a difficult bunch, and they can be stuck in their ways. And then there’s always the issue of whether something fits. You can avoid all these issues, and many more besides, with one of our gift vouchers. They can be used online, over the phone or in our Guildford shop. Because we sell only the best gear, no biker is ever going to be disappointed with a Motolegends gift voucher. Last order deadline for Christmas delivery, by the way, is Monday 23rd December at 5.00pm!


Klim Krios Pro helmet video review

Very rarely does one come across a product that is truly revolutionary, but the Klim Krios Pro is a helmet that is, thanks to its Koroyd lining. Made from extruded, plastic straws, it absorbs between 25% and 35% more energy than a traditional eps-lined helmet does. But, as Chris explains, it’s an extraordinary helmet in other ways too.


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