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All of the products that we feature in this week’s round-up are the subject of a full video review. That won’t be the case every week in Pussycat, but it just happens to be the case this week. Most of the products that have been reviewed, in truth, are not new products, although there is a new winter glove from Furygan. But none of the products that we’ve reviewed this week have been the subject of a video before, so if you like the look of any of the items listed below, then a few minutes listening to Chris or Sara waxing lyrical might prove worthwhile. The Oman suit from Halvarssons is a genuine adventure suit. Sara tells us about her favourite, Rokker jacket, whilst the chap in the cap walks us through a couple of Rukka jackets, as well as a cool perforated, leather jacket from French maker Helstons.

The Oman adventure suit from Halvarssons

The Halvarssons Oman suit is not brand new, but nobody’s ever done a particularly comprehensive video review of it, so our man in the natty headwear decided he’d give it a go. Now he’s clearly got a bit of a bee in his bonnet about people buying adventure suits under false pretences. We meet a lot of people in the shop who have bought one because they have an adventure bike. And that’s not necessarily the way to go. Adventure riding and riding an adventure bike are two separate things. Not that we’ve got anything against adventure suits. In certain situations you’re going to need a proper adventure suit with a removable membrane; a suit like the Oman. Chris explains the strengths and weaknesses of adventure suits. He then walks us through the Oman. But having warned us about the limitations of such suits he then goes on to explain how such a suit can be used as a foundation for an outfit that will be perfect in all climatic conditions. You’ll have to watch the review for a full explanation.


The Rukka Raymond summer jacket

We first saw this jacket at the EICMA show in Milan in 2018. We thought it was brilliant; a lightweight, summer jacket that will flow a huge amount of air. But one that’s made, obviously, to Rukka’s exacting standards. Not many other retailers shared our vision, however, so the importer allowed us to bring it into the UK on an exclusive basis. We particularly like this jacket because it’s a properly protective motorcycle jacket that doesn’t look like a bike jacket. To look at, it could easily be the kind of thing you’d pick up on the high street. But it’s going to be way more protective than your average mesh jacket, because the entire jacket is made from a super abrasion resistant Cordura 500 material. Listen to what the chap in the cap has to say. It’s not a jacket for all conditions, but in the right conditions it is going to be the one you want.


Rokker ladies Black jacket review

Now all too often in motorcycle shops the chap or chapess serving you will tell that they ride in whatever it is you’re looking at, as a way of trying to convince you that it’s therefore got to be a top-notch bit of kit. Well, in this particular instance, you can believe what the lady says, because Sara rarely wears anything but her Rokker Black Jakket. She rides in it when touring abroad. And it’s what she wears when she goes up to Newlands for a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning. Heck, she even rode around Morocco in it. Sara doesn’t ride through the winter, as a rule, but if she did I reckon she’d find a way of doing so in her Black Jakket. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t look like a bike jacket. It passes for a simple, black denim number. But, in reality, it’s hard-core biker. It’s more abrasion resistant than leather, it comes with D30 throughout, including in the back, and it’s pretty waterproof too. Technically, as it has no membrane, it is not a waterproof item, but you’d be surprised just how waterproof it actually is. It’s clear that Sara loves hers. It might not be for everybody, and if you commute or do a lot of riding in the winter, it’s almost certainly not a goer, but as a super-protective, summer jacket it’s unbeatable. And it’s pretty darned stylish too, although I have to say that because Sara’s the boss!


The Melton jacket from Rukka

The Rukka Melton is not your average motorcycle jacket. It’s of a type and style that is popular with those who commute into large European cities like Paris or Milan. It is often worn over a work suit. On arrival at his destination, the rider will walk into the office in a jacket like this that, to all intents and purposes, looks like an overcoat bought from a menswear store. It is not a style that has always worked well in the UK. But, for Motolegends at least, this jacket has proven popular. And that maybe because of one added ingredient: this one is made by Rukka. In this review, Chris walks us through the jacket, and explains what it does and how it does it. If you’re looking for a smart, biking jacket that won’t ever be out of place on the street, the Rukka Melton is worth a look. It’s not the only jacket of its kind, but it is almost certainly the best.


The Helstons Heat Perforated leather jacket

French maker Helstons produce some of our very favourite leather jackets. These guys have been in the game for as long as anybody, and no other maker, we would contend, has the skills and know-how that Helstons does when it comes to treating leather to make it soft and supple to wear. They make proper, proper bike jackets. They all come fully fitted with armour, including in the back. And most also have not just a thermal liner, but a waterproof membrane too. The Heat Perforated has neither of these because it is very much a summer jacket. So if you will only ride in leather, but want to enjoy maximum airflow, this is a jacket that should be on your shopping list. It was priced at £349, but until we sell out the price is just £249. Makes it a bit of a steal, to be honest, but why not listen to what the chap has to say?


The Furygan Land D30 37.5 winter glove

The Land D30 glove has been in Furygan’s range for many years, but this version, which incorporates the latest 37.5 technology is new for 2020. As a winter glove, the Land D30 has everything you need. It’s made with goat hide, it has a waterproof membrane, a high-tech thermal liner, digiprint on the palm, D30 knuckle protection, touchscreen fingers and a visor wipe. Many a more expensive glove will fail to match up to a spec. like this. But it’s the price that marks this glove out as a bit of a bargain. Hear out the chap in the cap. And then you can make up your own mind.


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