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Well, here we go; our last Pussycat round-up of 2019. It’s been a busy year, but one of the big developments for us has been our move into videos. Our catalogues aren’t going away completely, but in the future just about any new product that hits the shop floor will find itself the subject of a review from one of the Motolegends geeks. This week, Chris gets excited by the arrival of our latest collaboration with Tricker's. He also walks us through the new Belstaff Trialmaster Pro. The chap in the cap doesn’t end there, though. He also enthuses about a new glove from Richa that is designed to work particularly well with heated gloves. This week Sara reviews the boot that she has been wearing for the last 20 years: the Daytona Lady Star GTX, whilst Sean, our head geek, tells us all we need to know about Klim’s Kodiak suit. He knows everything about everything but, surprisingly, he still can’t pronounce the brand name correctly. Lastly, ‘Billy 'The Boots’ gives us his take on the latest TCX Street Ace and the Belstaff Resolve boots. We finish off this week by reminding you that if you’ve really screwed up on the Christmas present front, you can still get a Motolegends gift card in time for the big day. Anyway, this is it from the Pussycat team for 2019. We hope you have a happy Christmas and a New Year that sees you prosperous enough to spend loads of dosh with us on heaps of exciting new motorcycle gear.

Daytona Lady Star GTX boot review

Sara has been riding bikes for more than 20 years. One of her early purchases, way before we became Motolegends, was a pair of Daytona Lady Stars. In this review, she tells us what the Lady Star is and what kind of riders it is aimed at. Now, unlike the chap in the cap, Sara is not what you’d call short, yet she swears by the benefits of the extra height you get in the heel of the Daytona. She also explains the drawbacks of the boot, and shows you the potential issues you need to look out for. Daytonas are not inexpensive; quite the reverse, but once you’ve heard what she has to say about them you might even think they offer good value.


Richa Warm Grip GTX video review

No two ways about it; we’ve got a bit of a bromance thing going on with Richa these days. We’re particularly excited by their gloves. On many of the gloves we’ve selected the spec. is extraordinary, yet they’re priced like ordinary gloves. The new Warm Grip glove, which is exclusive to Motolegends by the way, is a laminated Gore-Tex glove with lots of insulation on the back of the hand, but not a lot on the palm. This makes them particularly well suited to those who have heated grips. As Chris explains, they also happen to be amazingly comfortable, and incredibly well priced.


TCX Street Ace WP boot video review

The TCX Street Ace is not a new boot. It’s been around for a few years; and in fact it’s probably the best-selling, trainer-style, motorcycle boot on the market. But Billy uses the arrival of an interesting new colourway to remind us what makes the Street Ace so popular.


Klim Kodiak suit video review

Now, if there’s a problem with Klim it’s that it can be difficult getting hold of stock. Klim, pronounced Klim, is an American company and, historically, we reckon they’ve under-estimated the demand for their gear over here. We love what these guys do, but there never seems to be enough inventory on hand. For 2020, we’re buying bigger, so we hope that the situation will improve. In this review, our very own Sean gives us a detailed account of what their Kodiak suit offers. But, here’s the rub. We have very few Kodiak in stock, and we won’t be getting any more for a while. So listen to what our in-house Harry Potter has to say about it. Put in an order for one if you think it’s for you, but then sit back and relax; we won’t get re-supplies for a month or two.


Belstaff Resolve boot video review

Our Billy simply loves Belstaff. He can not afford it, but that doesn’t deter him. In this video review, Billy shares with us his affection for their rather lovely Resolve boot. He tells us that the boot is made by Stylmartin, but perhaps doesn’t tell us about the quality of the components and care and attention that has gone into the detailing of the Resolve. It may be made by Stylmartin, but in design terms it’s very much a Belstaff. This is not a cheap boot, but it is exquisitely styled and lovingly detailed.


Belstaff Trialmaster Pro jacket review

Some say he has a face designed for radio broadcasting, others that his voice would work well in newspaper journalism; but we just know him as the chap in the cap. In this short video - well shortish video - Chris uses the arrival of a new colourway on the Belstaff Trialmaster Pro to tell us a bit more about this latest iteration of the Belstaff icon. The jacket was first released earlier this year but, whether you wanted to know or not, our man tells us about the history of the four-pocket, belted wax cotton jacket. He explains what’s new about the latest ‘Pro’ model, and tells us why it’s the best to date. Clearly, he walks through all the detail, but he finishes off by explaining why Motolegends will always be your cheapest option. And that’s because we don’t just match UK competitors’ discounted prices, we beat them. By 10%. f the Resolve. It may be made by Stylmartin, but in design terms it’s very much a Belstaff. This is not a cheap boot, but it is exquisitely styled and lovingly detailed.


Tricker's for Motolegends

Those who don’t know about these things don’t know, but those who do know about these things will tell you that the best gentlemen’s boots in the world are made by Tricker’s of Northampton. We have never really understood why, but every year Tricker’s agrees to collaborate with us on a motorcycle boot that they produce exclusively for Motolegends, and in tiny quantities. This year the boot is a bit of a hybrid. It is part-Derby boot and part-Chelsea boot. In its super-tough Scotch Grain calf, it really is an exquisite creation. Of course, it is beautifully hand made in the same factory that Tricker’s has made all its boots in since 1905. The boot is as tough as any you’ll come across, although there’s no extra protection in the ankles. And despite not having a membrane, the leather is incredibly water repellant. It’s not a bike boot, per se; instead we think of it as a boot for gentlemen who ride motorcycles. The elasticated side’s make this a boot that is really easy to get in and out of. These stretch panels also make the boots incredibly comfortable. The whole Tricker’s thing came out of Chris’s long-standing love of the Northampton brand. In this review he leaves no stone unturned, and even explains exactly what a Goodyear Welt is.


Motolegends Gift Cards

Gift cards available on the website

Buying a gift for a motorcyclist can be incredibly difficult. Bikers are a difficult bunch, and they can be stuck in their ways. And then there’s always the issue of whether something fits. You can avoid all these issues, and many more besides, with one of our gift vouchers. They can be used online, over the phone or in our Guildford shop. Because we sell only the best gear, no biker is ever going to be disappointed with a Motolegends gift voucher. Last order deadline for Christmas delivery, by the way, is Monday 23rd December at 5.00pm (3.00pm on Gift Cards)!


Motolegends Christmas opening hours

Opening times at the grotto this Christmas

Throughout the year, our doors are open seven days a week. But clearly things are a little different over Christmas. Everything remains unchanged until Tuesday 24th December, when both the phones and shop shut up at 1.00pm. On the 25th and 26th, we're closed. On Friday 27th, we are open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. On Saturday 28th, the shop is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm; the phones to 1.00 pm. On Sunday 29th, the shop is open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. On Monday 30th, the shop is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Same goes for the phone room. New Year's eve (Tuesday 31st), both the shop and phones will be manned from 9.00am to 2.00pm. We take a well earned rest on New Year's Day, and then it's noses to the grindstone again on Thursday the 2nd, for another busy year.


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