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Halvarssons Waist Zip in black


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Halvarssons Waist Zip in black
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Expected Estimated Despatch date 22/03/2021

Halvarssons Waist Zip in black Product Information

This waist zip for men is a great addition to trousers that do not already feature a zip attachment for a jacket. With the aid of a belt this waist zip will allow you to attach trousers and jacket together. Measures 80cm.


  • Zipper threaded on a belt to connect jacket and pants with zippers at the waist

Product Reviews


Neilo: Product Review

If only all motorcycle clothing manufacturers sat up and took note of this little but extremely valuable item. It makes wearing your Halvarssons jacket with some other branded jeans a doddle! Excellent quality item!

Mick Wilson: Product Review

I can tell you that Halvarssons attachment zips are compatible with Rukka because I wear my Rukka jacket with the Safir tousers, so if this belt will attach to Halvarssons jackets it will fit Rukka jackets too.

Dave McNally: Mr

Ok it is a bit of a fiddle to get your belt, trouser loops and this to line up with the jacket and not have it pulled to one side. But.... When it is lined up its great. Another great idea and well made bit of kit.

Anthony Scott: Zip / Belt attach

So many jackets; so many differing zips. At least the Swedes can work together when it comes to this great item. Made by Halvarssons but attaches perfectly to my Rukka jacket. Keep those jeans secure .

Anthony Scott: Expands the flexibility of your gear.

Works well connecting my Rukka jacket to jeans. I need to develop a zip pull extension to assist starting the zip but overall a great product.

David: Clever piece of kit

I have 2 of these matched up with the Halvarssons Belt for my Jeans and they work well together if you have a Halvarssons or Rukka Jacket. Great idea.

Chris: Genius

What a great idea, simple and well executed. I was a little surprised and disappointed it wasnt made of leather, but maybe there is a technical reason for this?

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