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Bagster tank cover NC 750X - red / matt black


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Bagster tank cover NC 750X - red / matt black
This product is hand-made to order and is not cancellable. The covers take approximately 28 working days to manufacture (this does not include shipping times).

Bagster tank cover NC 750X - red / matt black Product Information

Bagster's tank covers have been specifically tailored to the individual tanks. With a huge array of models and colours to choose from there's sure to be something to suit your style and taste. To secure the PVC, waterproof cover there are straps with hooks on the end that attach the cover on either side of the tank. Generally the tank will not need to be removed to attach the cover. Please note that the cover may take up to 14 days to mould to the shape of the tank, in warmer weather this will happen faster. To clean use soapy water and a soft brush or sponge and regularly spray a waterproofing product on the seams. *Please note: All Bagster Tank covers are hand-made to order so are non-refundable unless there is a manufacturing fault.


  • PVC
  • Tailored to specific tank
  • Fastening straps
  • Wipe clean

Product Reviews


Richard: Product Review

Just ordered one of these and it looks a complete nightmare to fit. Doesnt come with any istructions or guidance as to get it on . Regreting my purchase! Fitting your Bagster tank cover:- Fitting a Bagster tank cover to your bike is not normally rocket science, but you do need to be a little patient, as every bike is different and it can take a few minutes to work out how Bagster intended that it should be secured. The basic rule is that if it doesn’t look right, and if it doesn’t fit flush on the tank at all the points, then you’ve probably done something wrong. Or you’ve got the wrong cover for your bike! The first step is to make sure that all dirt and dust has been removed for the tank. A small piece of grit trapped under the cover could easily scratch the paintwork. Although every corner is different, there is generally a strap that fits around the bottom yolk of the headstock. Do this, and tighten a little. Further adjustment may later be required. Securing straps with hooks or other attachments attach the tank cover on either side of the tank. Some tank covers make use of the biker’s fasteners to secure the cover. On most tank covers, there is a strap or laces to secure the seat end of the cover. These will be secured to something that is beneath the seat, and so the seat will need to be removed. Only in very rare cases will it ever be necessary to remove the bikes tank to fit the cover. As you fit the cover, progressively adjust the tension of the straps. Once fitted, it should be clear if the job has been done correctly. The petrol filler cap, for example, should be totally central on the circle in the cover. But it may take up to 14 days for the cover to mould fully to the bike, and during this time you may need to further adjust the straps or laces. In warm weather, the cover, which is made from PVC will mould more quickly. In the winter it will take longer and, in such circumstances, you might want to heat the cover up in an airing cupboard. But do not apply heat directly. This could melt the PVC!

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