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Helmet Intercoms

Not everybody is a fan of intercom systems on the bike, but here at Motolegends we love them. Some people believe that they can be distracting, but we feel that they can act to help you stay alert, and in this respect they might even be considered an aid to road safety. What the modern systems most definitely do is help you to stay connected. Not only can you talk to your pillion or another rider, you can also make or take phone calls, listen to music, and get instructions from your sat-nav. Nearly every helmet manufacturer has a tie-up with a manufacturer of an intercom system.  These days, most systems work pretty well, although the really cheap systems are cheap for a reason! Intercoms work better on flip-up helmets because flip-lids are quieter. Intercom systems that stick on to the side of a helmet tend to work less well than those that are integrated into the helmet in some way. In our view, the masters of helmet intercom technology are Schuberth.

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Interphone UCOM 16 intercom (INT037)



Interphone UCOM 4 intercom (INT036)


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