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Black Friday Price Beat Promise

Our Black Friday Price Beat Promise

If you’ve landed on this page, it means that you have clicked on one of our ‘10% Price Beat’ Google ads.

Here at Motolegends, we don’t spend our days attempting to match the prices of other retailers. All the prices on our website tend to be the manufacturers’ recommended prices, but we are not prepared to be undercut by anybody, so we will beat any discounted price on anything we sell by a further 10%. That’s why we call it a ‘Price Beat’ and not a ‘Price Match’.

So, if you find a jacket that we sell being discounted from, say, £400 to £350 by another retailer, our price will be £315. It’s all pretty straightforward. You find the discounted price. You send us the details. And we beat it. Obviously, it only applies to stuff we sell on our website. If the retailer is in the EU, then we will match their price.

There are a few terms and conditions, but nothing particularly onerous. If you want to know how to make your Price Beat happen, check out the details below.

Black Friday Price Beat Promise

All you need to do is provide proof of the lower price. The price can be on a website, in an advertisement, on Amazon, or on eBay with a 'Buy it Now' price. If the price is in a shop, we will accept a camera phone shot of the offer, or of the price label. All we need is to be able to phone the shop to confirm the discounted price. (The one thing we won't accept is a report of a phone call, or of a conversation, with a retailer). When you have your evidence, email it to us at the address below

If we are beating a price on the internet, we’d ask you to send us an email with a ‘screen grab’ that shows us the price that you'd like us to beat. We need this rather than a link, because if the price goes up, or if the offer runs out, we won’t be able to verify what it was. You should send this email to In that email, please give us a phone number on which we can contact you.

We will then, once we've validated the discount, send you an email with a code to quote to a phone operator.

What do I need to know?

1. Our 10% Price Beat Guarantee applies only to motorcycle protective wear brands, including sat navs and intercoms. T-shirts and merchandise are not included.

2. For the purposes of our 10% Price Beat Guarantee, items must be from a manufacturer’s current season collection. It will not apply to items that have been dropped from the current range by the manufacturer or distributor. If an item is no longer current, we will match the seller’s price.

3. To qualify for a 10% Price Beat Guarantee, the goods being offered by a competitor must be advertised as new, unused, and in their original packaging, including tags.

4. The 10% Price Guarantee can only be applied against an official, authorised dealer of the brand in question.

5. You can only activate our 10% Price Beat Guarantee against items that are being offered in the same size and colour as those you want to buy.

6. In order to qualify for our 10% Price Beat Guarantee the price being offered by the competitor must be a publicly available price, not an privately-negotiated deal.

7. The price that we will take into account for our 10% Price Beat Guarantee will include any postage and mailing charges.

8. Our 10% Price Beat Guarantee is only available to customers residing in the UK.

9. If the seller against which you wish to apply our 10% Price Beat Guarantee is outside the UK, but still based within the EU, we will match, but not beat, the discounted price. The product that is being price matched has to be identical to the one you wish to buy so, for example, a Shoei helmet with different sized cheekpads or headliners will not be price matched because it is only in the UK that these are fitted as an exchange item. If you want different cheekpads in a helmet bought from a European retailer, you will be charged extra.

10. You cannot combine our 10% Price Beat Guarantee with any other offer, or with 0% finance.

11. Our 10% Price Beat Guarantee is valid for a full 14 days after you purchase an item from us. You cannot Price Beat us twice on the same item.

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