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83% of UK Motorcycle Accidents Happen In This Weather

83% of UK Motorcycle Accidents Happen In This Weather

Data Reveals The Type of Data That Shows When A Motorbike Accident is Most Likely To Happen

An analysis of over 100,000 UK motorcycle accidents by motorcycling outfitter Motolegends has revealed the surprising statistic that 83% of motorcycle accidents happen in fine weather with no wind. The next most common weather for accidents to occur in are rain with no wind and rain with high winds, which are some weather types more associated with road traffic accidents and delayed stopping times.

Commenting on the research findings, Sara Linney from Motolegends said: “It’s no surprise to us that when the weather is better that there are more motorcycle accidents. Most of us love getting out on the open road on a clear day. Unfortunately, more people on the road means more accidents, especially if they’re heading out to unfamiliar areas.”

“Being on a motorcycle in wind, torrential rain and snow isn’t much fun so most motorcyclists – sensibly – avoid heading out during these times, meaning less accidents. Our best advice is to only head out on a motorcycle when it’s safe to do so, and to always make sure that you’re wearing the right protective clothing.”

Further data shows that motorcyclists are three times as likely to have an accident on a dry road surface than a wet or damp surface. Over 78,000 motorcycle accidents took place on dry roads, compared to less than 25,000 on wet or damp road surfaces.

There Are Fewer Motorbike Accidents in Snow and Fog

There Are Fewer Motorbike Accidents in Snow and Fog

Despite the poorer driving conditions and safety concerns that come with snow, fog and mist, motorcyclists were far less likely to have an accident in these weather conditions. There were just 600 accidents during periods of snow, fog and mist – likely because of motorcyclists choosing to stay at home, take extra care or take alternative transport.

Less than 1,500 motorcycle accidents were recorded because of frost, ice or snow on the road during the same period, compared to more than 103,000 on dry or wet road surfaces. Flooding over 8cm accounted for just 57 motorcycle accidents in the UK since 2009

In 2020, there were just 2 motorcycle accidents due to flooding, despite the Met Office estimating that the risk of flooding has risen by as much as 20%.

What Season Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen In?

What Season Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen In

Motorcycle accidents are highest in May, June and July with August, September and October following. This means that summer – the most popular time for motorcyclists to be out on their bikes – is also the most likely time for accidents to occur.

The winter months of December, January and February and December are the least likely months for motorcycle accidents to occur, echoing the trends in weather.

Throughout the year, more accidents happen during the day (78,452 in total) than at night (26,475), again highlighting that there are more motorcyclists on the road in favourable conditions.

Are Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise?

2020 saw just over 1,000 motorcycle accidents on the road, almost 25% less than in the previous year and 50% less than in 2018. This follows an ongoing year-on-year reduction in motorcycle accidents, despite a growth in sales of motorcycles and search trends remaining broadly the same each year.

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