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Furygan Motorcycle Gear

Furygan Motorcycle Clothing


Furygan is a French company, as French as garlic sausage, as French as a string of onions carried over the shoulder of a striped-jumper wearing cyclist in a beret, smoking a Gauloise cigarette. They’ve been making motorcycle clothing since 1969, and are one of the most successful makers in Europe. In France, they are, of course, totally dominant.

As a French company, there is always an emphasis on style. The look is very important, as you can always tell from Furygan’s marketing material, which features almost as many nude women as it does motorcycles.

But don’t be put off by this; Furygan makes some excellent clothing.

They are particularly famed for their leather jackets, with the large Panther logo either on the back or across the chest. But, these days, the company also produces some very technical, very wearable textile clothing. In fact, what always surprises us is that Furygan doesn’t make more of its technical performance. And that’s because, uniquely, every motorcycle garment made by Furygan meets the stringent EC Level 1 safety standard. And that’s not the level for abrasion-resistance, or burstability, or tear-resistance. No, Furygan’s pieces all have a full Level 1 rating for the entire garment.

Frankly, no other company in the motorcycling world can get close to this, not Rukka, not Dainese, nobody ....!

So, if you’re looking for clothing with an innate sense of style that you can wear on any kind of bike and still look cool, but which performs technically to the highest level, there are few ranges that can match Furygan.

As we have said already, Furygan is particularly well known for its leather.

The most popular jacket, and our favourite, is the Furygan Vince jacket with its antiqued leather finish, but other great jackets are the Furygan Shadow jacket, the Furygan Grip jacket and the Furygan Forty-Four jacket. If you want to match your jacket with a pair of leather pants, you should look at the Furygan Highway pant and the Furygan Crow leather pant. They’re both very stylish.

Sticking with leather, we also rate Furygan’s leather gloves very highly. A very, aggressive but sporty, short glove is the Furygan AF6S glove. The Furygan Highway glove is more understated and more classic. It’s a very stylish option.