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Harisson Motorcycle Gear

Harisson Motorcycle Clothing

Harisson is a boutique helmet maker based near Marseille in France. The owner's stated intention was to create the most innovative, and best quality, open face helmet on the market. It took some seven years of development before he released the helmet. His Corsair helmet is inspired by the helmets worn by the early jet pilots of the fifties and sixties; guys like Chuck Yaeger. But the Corsair is not about form at the expense of the function. For the shell, Harisson went to one of the world's leading carbon fibre specialists in Taiwan, a company that makes high-tech, composite components for the aviation industry. The shell of the Corsair is made from a 3D composite that comprises carbon fibre, fibreglass and Kevlar. But the attention to detail goes much deeper, with an Alcantara interior that is supremely comfortable. The visor and chin-guard arrangement is particularly clever, and whilst the chin guard will do little more than protect you from road grit and flies, it works very well.