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Resurgence Jeans

Resurgence Motorcycle Clothing

Resurgence jeans hail from Canada. The company was only launched at the beginning of 2013. At the heart of the brand’s unique proposition is a material known as Pekev that came out of research and development programme lasting nearly 10 years.

The team at Resurgence learned their craft in the jeans business, designing and manufacturing motorcycle jeans for a number of other brands. In fact, they calculate that they have been responsible for well over a million pairs of jeans between them.

But dissatisfied with the styling, levels of protection, and attention to detail of these brands, they decided to do their own thing. And so Resurgence was born. The aim was to create a motorcycle jean that offered the highest levels of protection, but which was also classically styled and, most importantly, comfortable to wear.

Pekev, the polymer that gives Resurgence jeans their incredible strength is a light and thin material that, in its raw format, is 15 times stronger than carbon steel. At the top of the Resurgence range sits a jean known as the Voyager. For EC testing purposes the Voyager jean was tested by the recognised and approved testing organisation Satra.

At the first attempt, the Voyager jean not only achieved the highest Level 2 standard, but blew it apart. There are tests for seam burst, impact, and cut resistance, but arguably the most important for the average motorcyclist is the abrasion test. To achieve the Level 2 standard, a material must last for seven seconds before it wears through. The Voyager achieved the highest ever time of 10.83 seconds.

Now in its second year of full production, Resurgence offers a number of different styles of jean, all of which are lined or infused, to a greater or lesser degree, with Pekev.

There are standard jeans, ultra lightweight jeans, and even a proper Selvedge jean for the true denim connoisseur. Some of the models come fitted with armour; some have pockets to allow it to be fitted later. But what all Resurgence jeans have in common are the qualities that were laid out by the founders when they first opened their doors: protection, style and comfort.

Style, of course, is subjective, although for us the classic simplicity of Resurgence jeans gives them instant credibility. But what we can confirm, having worn just about every brand of motorcycle jean out there, is that for the protection level you enjoy, no other brand of motorcycle jean is as easy or comfortable to wear.

Which leaves only the matter of protection. And on this subject, opinions are not necessary. Resurgence makes the safest, most protective jeans on the market. No question. It’s that simple!