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Stadler Motorcycle Gear

Stadler Motorcycle Clothing

In Germany, the technical motorcycle wear brand that sits at the very top of the tree is Stadler. It’s a 40 year old, family-owned company with a long-standing relationship with Gore. So highly regarded is Stadler in its home market that they supply protective suits to every single police force in Germany, as well as to many others around the world.

There are some other things that set Stadler apart from the crowd. First, Stadler offers not a five or even a six-year warranty on its products, but rather a 10-year warranty against faulty manufacture. Nobody in the motorcycle clothing business gets close to this.

But another huge difference between Stadler and many other manufacturers is that the German company can repair any of its products, so if you have an accident of some sort, Stadler will rebuild your garment. A new sleeve, a replacement seat in the pant. Whatever happens, your suit can be rebuilt.

Now, the first suit that we have decided to bring into the UK is called the ‘4 All Pro’. Please click the images above to shop