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Falco Gordon 2 boots in black



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Falco Gordon 2 boots in black
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Falco Gordon 2 boots in black Product Information

The Falco Gordon 2 is a classic, short, work-boot style, motorcycle boot. It’s a pretty crowded category, as pretty much every manufacturer out there has a boot that looks similar. We have looked at all of them, and have not been impressed by most. Some just don’t seem robust enough. In some cases we didn’t think much of the leather. Boots like this will usually come with a bit of patina, but we also don’t like it where the ‘worn-look’ is overdone and thus a bit artificial.

Of course, the benchmark was always the TCX X-Blend. At this price point, it was kind of the perfect boot. It was comfortable, protective and reliable. And it looked just right. But, unfortunately, the boot that TCX replaced it with was not a patch on it. And so, ever since, we have been looking for the perfect boot to replace it. Of course, it’s too early to say whether the Gordon 2 is the boot we are looking for, but we like the way it looks and feels, and it ticks all the right boxes.

The boot is made from a well-oiled leather. This gives the boot a credible look. It’s not overdone, but neither does the boot look virgin clean. The oiling does a couple of other things. It softens the leather. It also makes the boot a little more waterproof, although clearly there’s also a waterproof membrane that does most of the heavy lifting in this regard.

The boot has a super-hard counter in the toe. There’s another one in the heel. The ankles are protected by D3O pucks.

Ingress and egress come courtesy of both laces and a zip on the inside of the boot. The top three eyelets are actually speed hooks; and this makes life so much easier, especially when you’re all geared up.

Inside the boot, you get what Falco call an ACF midsole that will mould to the shape of your foot. The outer sole is Falco’s take on a Commando sole. It looks just as grippy, but is probably not as tough or hard wearing. At first sight, you might think that the boot is Goodyear welted, but even though there’s a sewn-through welt, this is not the real deal.

In terms of the fit, what we would say is that most Falco motorcycle boots seem to have been moulded over quite a wide last.

So who is this boot aimed at? Like the X-Blend, the Gordon 2 will appeal to riders of classic, retro and custom bikes. But really they will work on any bike that is ridden in jeans or chinos. Okay, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be worn with a technical, waterproof pant, but there are short boots out there that might be more appropriate. 

We think the Gordon 2s have all the right ingredients. We like they way they look. They have all the right bits. They are certainly comfortable to walk around in, but ultimately we will have to wait to see how they go down with customers once they have put in some miles in them. Of course, these are no Rokkers, but there is quite a gulf in price of the two boots. You pays your money…….


  • Oiled leather chassis
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Entry by means of laces and zip. Three speed hook eyelets
  • Hard counters in the toe and heel. D3O pads in the ankles
  • ACF mid sole
  • Commando-style outsole


Falco boots have a one year warranty

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