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New Bell Moto 3 Helmet release

In early October Bell will officially release its updated version of the legendary Bell Moto 3. It will only be available to purchase online from October 1st, which is when Bell will confirm the helmets' recommended retail prices, which are expected to be in the region of £275/£300.

Bell is the world’s most famous motorcycle helmet manufacturer. In 1954, they introduced the world’s first open-face motorcycle helmet: the 500. In 1967, the company launched the first full-face motorcycle helmet: the Star. In 1975, Bell came out with the very first dedicated off-road helmet: the Motostar.

In 1979, the Motostar evolved into the Moto 3. It became one of the most iconic helmets in motorcycling. It was widely copied by the likes of Simpson, Shoei and others. And more recently by DMD and Premier.

Flattered, or conceivably upset, by the lookalikes, Bell has decided to re-introduce its own, updated version of the Moto 3, and clearly it’s going to be the one to have.
But this is not the eighties, and in our view the new Moto 3 is will be more popular as a road helmet than an off-road helmet. Old, classic Moto 3s are already popular on the custom bike scene; a style that was originated by guys like Roland Sands in California. The way we see it, the Moto 3 is destined to become the new open-face helmet for road riders who want a certain cool factor.

The fact is that nothing beats an open face lid when the weather permits. That wind-in-your-hair feeling is what motorcycling is all about. But clearly there’s a downside to the open-face helmet. If you do come off, the chin area is quite exposed.

Well, we reckon that the new Moto 3 gives riders the best of both worlds. With no visor and a huge field of vision, this helmet is the next best thing to the traditional open face helmet. But, of course, should the unthinkable happen you’ve got all the protection of an up-to-date, full-face helmet.

To protect your eyes, you have exactly the same choices as you do with an open-face. You can wear sunglasses of some description, or you can wear goggles. And on the Moto 3 there’s enough room to fit just about every kind of motorcycle goggle you'll ever come across.

We’re very excited. This was back in the day, and is going to become once again, one cool lid.

When it’s released in mid-October, it’s going to come in six plain colours and a few, more detailed custom designs. For a low-profile fit, the six sizes will spread across four different she'll sizes.

We’ve ordered big so we should have a pretty good stock of all the colours in all the sizes.

You want one. You need one. Be one of the first.

If you want us to email you as soon as the helmet becomes available for pre-order please email with Moto3 as the subject and we will make sure you are the first to know all the specifics.