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The Schuberth M1 helmet


The Schuberth M1 is a cracking open-face helmet; most certainly the most sophisticated on the market. In concept, it is like many other scooter-style, open-face helmets, with its full length visor and excellent peripheral vision. But the M1 carries a trick up its sleeve; it's outstanding comms. capability. The comms. module of the helmet is purchased separately, but literally just clips into the back of the helmet. All very neat. The amazing stereo headphones are already installed, but the pièce de resistance is that the M1 has no microphone boom. Using military style ‘bone technology’, the microphones are concealed in the cheeks. So no annoying boom to get in the way. But you still get amazing clarity, and the ability to take phone calls, receive updates from the GPS, and listen to music. What’s not to like?

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Schuberth M1 visor in clear

Schuberth M1 visor in clear (HMT598)


Schuberth M1 visor in silver

Schuberth M1 visor in silver (HMT601)


Schuberth M1 visor in blue

Schuberth M1 visor in blue (HMT602)


Schuberth M1 Sun visor in blue
Schuberth M1 Peak in titanium

Schuberth M1 Peak in titanium (HMT1011)


Schuberth M1 Peak in matt black
Schuberth M1 helmet in Amsterdam anthracite

Schuberth M1 helmet in Amsterdam anthracite (HMT10875)

Now £339.99 Was £439.99

Schuberth M1 helmet in flux yellow

Schuberth M1 helmet in flux yellow (HMT1074)

DISCONTINUED Now £328.99 Was £469.99

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