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What Motorcycle Boots Should I Buy?


This style of boot offers the balance between comfort and usability with function and looks. They will more often than not come with ankle protection cleverly hidden in the high-top style that we’re currently seeing on the market at the moment. They’ll be CE approved with a flexible sole so they’ll be comfortable to wear off the bike as well as on. TCX do some great versions in a load of different colours and when shopping around look out for added extra like waterproof linings.

Full Length

A full length motorcycle boot is higher giving more protection around the shins with hardened areas. These boots usually come with a waterproof lining and are normally worn inside the trousers so the water can run down not into the boots. You’ll find they offer better protection than the shorter boots, with a hard panel to protect the shins in addition to protection at the heel, toes and ankle. They’re fairly flexible but not ideal for walking around. These are great all rounder boots offering great functionality and protection; you’ll be able to wear them for commuting or touring over long distances.


These types of boots will have a more aggressive styling, based on professional style boots seen in the Moto GP, these are high impact boots, so they’ll have a lot of protection particularly from moulded hard plastic guards around places like the shins and ankles. Often they’ll come with removable toe sliders and or at the heel and have a solid sole to give you the control you need for track days or aggressive riding.


Those riding a cruiser or factory custom style bike will want a more traditional style boot, like an engineer boot, they’ll have good protection in the vulnerable areas, usually be made of leather and have a stiff sole. They look good with your bike and jeans. Going further into the café racer style you’ll have the likes of the Soubirac L’Originate boots, not much protection other than the heavy duty leather, but if you’re going all out for the café racer look then boy do these look good.