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What Motorcycle Trousers Should I Buy?


Regular jeans and trousers will disintegrate very quickly in an off and cause serious injury which is why getting specific motorcycle trousers is important. The good thing is nowadays you don’t have to compromise on style; companies are now making jeans and other street style trousers with all the features you’d want to see in a proper pair of motorcycle trousers. Inside you’ll find abrasion resistant materials like Kevlar, Cordura and HI-Art in key vulnerable areas like the seat, hips and knees and often integrated armour at the knees and hips, or at least they’ll be pockets to add your own in. Many pairs have stretch panels to allow better freedom of movement, you'll be able to easily wear these on or off the bike in whatever riding position you prefer.


Traditional leather trousers are great; the compromise is that if it’s raining profusely they’re going to eventually get sodden. But in recent years, manufacturers have started taking some of the technical fabrics, previously only seen in textile trousers and adding them in to make the leather trousers that much more wearable. Stretch panels around the knees and waist band are popular and inside you’ll find all manner of different linings; waterproof, windproof, abrasion resistant fabrics like Cordura, giving plain leather more features and making it more functional. With leather you need to take care of it, making sure it has the chance to full dry out and regularly treating it with a wax or waterproofing rub to keep in top performance condition.


If you’re traveling long distances and touring, textile trousers are what you’ll want to pick up. Thanks to the fabric being used they’re able to adapt better to a wider range of temperatures and weather conditions. The versatility of these types of trousers; comes from multiple layers beneath the shell that often can be removed. There might be a thermal lining, waterproof lining often in the form of Gore-tex, which will do a great job at keeping you dry on those long wet journeys. Further adaption can be found on some models where they’ll be zip vent panels and a mesh lining to keep that air flow.


Sports bike riders will want more aggressively styled trousers, often inspired by race suits. Primarily made from leather for protection, with inserts of Kevlar for abrasion resistance and then of course knee sliders and heavy duty armour.