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Macna Azra RTX heated gloves in black


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Macna Azra RTX heated gloves in black
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Macna Azra RTX heated gloves in black Product Information

Here at Motolegends we are fans of the Macna Centre heated jacket. It is not the warmest on the market; that would be the Warm & Safe. But the Macna is one of the easiest to wear. Its technology makes it one of the cleverest and simplest to use, and its lower amperage draw makes it the most suitable option for those riding smaller capacity bikes.

But up to this point we have not liked any of the Macna heated gloves designed to work with the Centre jacket. The main issue has been that they all had thick, winter cuffs that could only be worn outside the sleeve of a technical jacket. And that just didn’t work, because the connecting lead from the glove had to go around an s-bend in order to reach the socket on the sleeve of the heated jacket.

Well, thankfully, the Azra glove does work because the cuff fits much more closely to the wrist. It will sit inside the sleeve of pretty much any motorcycle jacket.

The Azra has all the features you would expect of a high-end winter glove. The chassis of the glove is made from a soft goat hide. The leather covers the palm, the tops and undersides of the fingers, and the outer side of the hand. There’s then a mix of textile fabrics between the fingers, along the inner side of the glove, and at the wrist.

There’s a rubber protector on the main knuckle, with foam pads on the minor knuckles. On the palm there’s a second layer of digi-leather for extra grip and abrasion resistance; and beneath this there are pads for the base of the palm, and to protect the scaphoid.

The glove has a waterproof membrane, although don’t forget that one of the advantages of a heated glove is that the heat will often cause any moisture to evaporate. The glove also has a furry Isofur lining. This is a fleecy material that will serve to insulate heat within the glove.

Now obviously the glove is a heated one, but what is nice about the Azra is that, like the Warm & Safe inner glove, the heating elements run between the fingers. And frankly that is where you want the heat. All in all, you can be confident that these gloves are going to keep your hands, and particularly your fingers, nice and toasty.

Other details on the glove include a visor wipe on the right hand, and touchscreen sensitive fingers.

Sometimes, heated gloves can feel a bit cumbersome and clumpy, but that’s not the case with the Azra. It is nice to wear. You could wear it on its own without connecting it to a power source, and it would be a perfectly acceptable, lightweight, winter glove. But connect it up, and you have one of the very nicest heated gloves we have come across.

Now, there’s one other feature with these gloves. You can connect them to rechargeable, 7.4 volt batteries, and indeed Macna offers a battery set, as indeed do we, that will allow you to do this. Historically, we have not rated this as a way of keeping your hands warm, especially on a long journey. In essence, the power source is not sufficient to generate a lot of heat for a lot of time. Macna reckon five hours on the lowest level; think 60-90 minutes on the highest one.

And so our opinion has not changed, but some may find this a useful add-on. Don’t buy these gloves solely on the basis of re-chargeable batteries. These gloves are designed to be connected to the bike’s battery. But having bought them for this purpose, the battery packs might, for some, deliver a little added functionality.


  • Made from goats’ leather and textile materials
  • Rubber protector on main knuckle
  • Foam pads on minor knuckles
  • Digi-leather on palm
  • Foam pads on heel of palm, and on scaphoid
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Isofur thermal lining
  • Heating elements that run between fingers
  • Connects to sleeve-end lead on Centre jacket
  • Settings can be controlled by button on wrist of glove, or via an app.
  • Can also be powered from Macna’s re-chargeable 7.4 volt battery set
  • Twin Velcro straps at wrist
  • Visor wiper
  • Touchscreen sensitive fingers


Macna gloves have a 2 year warranty

Product Reviews


John: Good Gloves, one irritation

Used these in recent very low temperatures. Plugged into Macna Centre Jacket. Heat is fine both Gloves and Jacket. However, despite the gloves being the right size, with a little space at the end of fingers as confirmed on an earlier glove purchase by super Macna person, I find the screen friendly touchscreen feature very hit and miss. Theres no bobble and I find Im stabbing at the screen with occasional success - and thats not ideal. Easier I found, is to take a glove off and do whatever, and yes, its wise not to stab the screen when riding, so its no real hassle to stop. You know it makes sense -.

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