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Bering Cobalt jacket in khaki



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Bering Cobalt jacket in khaki
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Bering Cobalt jacket in khaki Product Information

The Bering Cobalt jacket is all about comfort. It is not the kind of jacket you would commute in or wear on a long tour. Rather it is the perfect, all-rounder jacket that will do just about everything the casual, weekend rider needs his jacket to do.

The outer fabric is a stretchy, soft shell material. It is largely this that accounts for the jacket’s comfort. The outer material also makes for a jacket that is going to be warm in colder weather. What is going to make the jacket even warmer is its removable, thermal inner jacket. Now a waterproof membrane does two things. As a waterproof membrane is also a windproof membrane, the membrane in the Cobalt will cut down the piercing effects of wind chill. Have I mentioned that this will be a warm jacket?

But the membrane will also, obviously, make the jacket waterproof. But here we must exercise a slight word of caution, because not all membranes are born equal, and so this is not the kind of jacket that is going to keep you dry in a two- or three-hour downpour. And this is for two reasons. First, the soft shell fabric, whilst superbly comfortable, will not be the most impervious to water ingress. Yes, the membrane will keep the rain from reaching the body for a time. But any membrane can be overcome, and if the outer fabric soaks up too much moisture then the chances of breaching the membrane are increased. Plus, of course, a jacket sodden with water will make you feel wet even if, technically, you are not. But there is another issue: the membrane in a jacket like this will prioritise breathability over impermeability, because in a jacket like this it’s important that you don’t get wet from the inside. The bottom line here is that the Cobalt makes for the perfect jacket for those who like to avoid the rain. It is a waterproof jacket; but if the last word in waterproofing is what you want, buy another jacket!

The Cobalt jacket comes equipped with CE armour in the elbows and shoulders. There’s a pocket for a back protector. Vents in the rib area will aid air flow in warmer conditions; there’s also an exhaust vent across the back. To adjust the fit there are straps at the waist and the arms, the neck collar is also adjustable. Whilst the sleeves are equipped with zips and Velcro straps to allow gloves to be worn inside the jacket sleeves. Zips up the sides will allow the jacket to splay on the bike.

Pockets are not in short supply; with three on the outside and two more inside the jacket. You also get a super-trick zip that enables you to connect the runner merely by offering it up. It’s magnetic, and really very clever.

It might appear to some that we are not fans of the Bering Cobalt. That is not the case at all; we merely want potential buyers to know what they are buying. As ever, it’s horses for courses. This is a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-wear jacket that does a bit of everything, and that will be perfect for some riders. It has its limitations, but few jackets are as comfortable, and if you’re the kind of rider who does his best to avoid the rain, this may be the one for you. And, of course, take a Scott with you, and you’ll have a jacket that is as waterproof as a laminate jacket, but more comfortable and more affordable.

The Bering Cobalt jacket would best be paired with Bering’s Alkor pant, to which of course it can be zipped.


  • Made from a soft shell material
  • Equipped with a waterproof membrane
  • Removable thermal, inner jacket
  • CE armour in the elbows and shoulders. Pocket for a back protector
  • Incoming vents in rib area. Exhaust vent on back
  • Adjusters at waist and on sleeves and neck
  • Zips at hem to allow jacket to splay when sat on bike
  • Zips and Velcro at sleeve ends
  • Three pockets outside and two inside jacket
  • Reflective areas for nighttime visibility
  • CE approved under EN17092 at AA level
  • Three-year warranty

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