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Top 10 hints and tips for getting the most out of your motorcycle apparel

Published on: 19 August 2020

Would it be wrong or immodest of us to suggest that, here at Motolegends, we have more of a technical bent than most motorcycle apparel retailers? And would it be too wide of the mark to suggest that we care more about making gear work for our customers than do most retailers? That is not for us to decide, but in our desire to make motorcycling more comfortable and enjoyable, we have assuredly picked up along the way lots of little tricks and ideas to help riders get the most out of their gear.

None of the stuff we’re talking about, frankly, is rocket science, but as we’ve said before a lot of the knowledge and wisdom that has been accumulated by riders over the years simply doesn’t get passed on to the next generation. In fact, it probably wasn’t passed on by the prior generation either; and of that we can be fairly confident about because there are lots of bikers who have been riding for many, many years who still have no idea about how to dress properly for the bike.

In this review Chris imparts 10 little nuggets. This is the kind of stuff that is grist to the mill for us here in the shop; the kind of stuff we talk about every day of the week. But from our conversations with customers in the shop, we know that some of the basic principles we are talking about aren’t understood by a lot of riders. And so we thought it might be worthwhile passing a few of these ideas on.

Now, as ever, there are going to be some smarty pants out there who know everything; and certainly everything we talk about in this little video. And if this is the case, you should write to the BBC and demand the Blue Peter badge you always coveted as a kid. You deserve it. But the hints and tips in this video are aimed more at those who haven’t been biking since they were old enough to walk. And we think some of these people may well find that they will learn something from this video that will make their biking just that wee bit more enjoyable. Certainly, we hope so!

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