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Best motorcycle jeans 2023

Published on: 12 June 2023

Before I get into this, let me explain why this review isn’t technically about the best motorcycle jeans of 2023; and why, in reality, I think that it is!

The truth is that we don’t do all the riding jeans out there. Just about every brand does biker jeans these days, and obviously we don’t offer every brand on the market. But we do monitor what’s on offer; and we are forever buying jeans from other retailers to see what they’re like.

It might sound immodest to make such a claim, but there isn’t a motorbike jeans brand anywhere that wouldn’t want to work with us. We are kind of the jeans experts in the motorcycle world; and it is undoubtedly the case that we sell more premium riding jeans than anybody in the world.

But let me be clear. In our universe, that means ‘single-layer’ jeans. We are not going to beat about the bush. We do not consider Kevlar, or lined, motorcycle jeans a premium offering. We just think they’re out of date. When the internal combustion engine first found its way into cars, there were still people who felt that they would never match the horse. We feel the same about those people who still advocate the benefits of Kevlar lined riding jeans.

Early Kevlar motorcycle jeans

Early Kevlar jeans did a job, but they are no longer where it’s at.

Kevlar jeans did, it has to be acknowledged, play a part in pioneering a more casual form of riding trouser. Until they came onto the scene, most bikers relied upon leather to protect their rear ends. Kevlar lined jeans looked less aggressive. They were more comfortable; and they harked back to an era when bikers were happy to do all their riding in a pair of Levi’s.

But Kevlar and other lined biking jeans have now been overtaken by single-layer riding jeans. There are lots of different types of single-layer jeans out there, just as there are lots of different types of Kevlar jeans. They come in different designs, different washes, different fits, and different levels of protection. Yet the underlying truth is that single-layer motorcycle jeans are lighter, more breathable, more comfortable, and easier to wear both on and off the bike.

Inside out single-layer motorcycle jeans

In some respects, a single-layer jean is indistinguishable from a normal jean.

And that, of course, is why we like them. Nobody who rides a motorcycle in a pair of jeans is immune to considerations of style. But, for us, comfort is the big thing. It’s a major consideration with all motorcycle clothing, but particularly so with a jean. Why, after all, wear a jean if it’s not comfortable? In daily life, nobody would dream of wearing an uncomfortable jean, so why would one wear an uncomfortable jean just because one is riding a motorcycle?

And the good news is that, with modern technology, one really can have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy jeans with levels of abrasion resistance that are way beyond leather, but that still wear like those you would buy in a fashion store.

Some people suggest that single-layer jeans are not as protective as lined ones. But that is nonsense. A nonsense put about those who only sell Kevlar lined jeans. And by those who see motorcyclists as click bait to sell insurance.

The truth is that there are very strong Kevlar riding jeans, and not very strong Kevlar jeans. The same goes for single-layer bike jeans. Quite simply, you pays your money; you chooses the level of protection you want.

part-lined Kevlar motorcycle jeans

Some Kevlar jeans are very protective; but some are barely protective at all.

But there is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Some Kevlar jeans are 100% lined, but some are less than 20% lined. Those that are 100% lined are more protective, but heavier, hotter and sweatier. Those that are only partially lined will be more comfortable, but offer protection only where there’s Kevlar; and sometimes that’s just the knees and a bit in the bum. By contrast, whatever the level of protection you get with a single-layer jean, you get that same level of abrasion resistance everywhere.

Anyway, that’s enough about single-layer and Kevlar riding jeans. Let’s take a look at what we, at least, consider to be some of the best motorcycle jeans on the market.

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