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Originally published: March 2020


Nothing particularly new about this Rokker jacket. We’ve had it in the range ever since we started working with the Swiss boys. But in between reviewing new products for the 2020 season we’re dipping into the website to review some of our favourite, hardy perennials.

The Black Jakket looks like a standard black denim jacket. Nothing about it shouts: ‘look at me, I’m a biker’. And for many people that’s the appeal; it’s just a cool-looking, casual jacket. But delve a bit deeper, and you discover that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The outer fabric is 100%, 14 ounce Schoeller Dynatec. This material is immensely strong, delivering a ‘slide time’ that is 50% better than leather. A Nanosphere treatment to the fabric also gives you much more than ‘get-you-home’ levels of waterproofing.

But with no membrane, this is a jacket that’s really nice to wear on a warm day. Okay, it’s no Klim Marrakesh or Rukka Forsair, but it runs pretty cool. A Coldblack treatment also prevents the sun’s UV rays from heating the jacket up.

Armour is all D3O, including in the back, but here’s a little tip. Swap the standard stuff for D3O’s new Ghost armour. It makes a huge difference. If you want to look at the jacket in more detail watch the video above, or visit the click here.

Summing up, though, what is the Black Jakket? Well, there’s nothing else quite like it. Yes it’s aimed at warm weather riding, but it delivers good air flow in a garment that’s stronger than leather. More than just a bit of waterproofing makes it more practical than most air-flow jackets, yet at the same time it delivers a timeless, classic denim jacket look.

The chap in the video has a few other pearls of wisdom to share with you. Might be worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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