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Originally published: January 2020


In this review the chap in the cap talks about Rokker’s incredible, waterproof jeans. They are the only truly waterproof jeans on the market, and the way they perform is simply amazing. Chris explains how the waterproofing works. He tells us about how the membrane also helps regulate temperature. Of course, jeans also have to work from a protection standpoint, so we learn about the strength of the Dynatec fabric and how the D30 armour is fitted. But nothing is perfect, so we hear about the issues with these jeans as well. This won’t necessarily please Rokker, but we like to tell it the way it is. Waterproofing, however, is what the Revolutions are about, so he sends poor young Billy outside to test them. Chris gets distracted and so Billy spends longer under the microscope than was intended. But all’s well that ends well. The jeans show no signs of water ingress, and Billy gets a day off to recover from his cold!

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