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Originally published: February 2020


You may, or conceivably may not, be aware of the history of the Schuberth C4. When Schuberth first launched the helmet at the beginning of 2018 it was heralded as a significant step forward in flip-lid helmet design. It was a sportier helmet than the old C3 Pro, and it came with a truly innovative plug-and-play comms. system that used bone technology rather than a traditional microphone. But it was released into the market before it was ready. There were so many problems with the helmet that, in early 2019, Schuberth released an updated version called the C4 Pro.

In this review, Chris talks to us about the issues with the old helmet, and he shows us what Schuberth has done on the Pro to rectify those problems. Now we didn’t really want to do a full review of the helmet until we had lived with it for a while. Well, we’ve pretty much had 12 months with it now, and we think we have a good handle on it.

The good news for all those who quite fancied the C4 Pro is that we like it. It’s now a very good helmet, the helmet that it should perhaps always have beeen. We have no hesitation recommending it.

Head-shape wise, it won’t work for everybody, and because we cannot change the cheekpads on the C4 Pro it’s one of those helmets that either fits or doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you may have to look at a Shoei Neotec; it’s got a more oval fit and of course we can customise the fit with different cheekpads and headliners.

If you’re in the market, you should hear what our man has to say. It could save you a lot of time on the internet trawling the forums for clueless opinions. And once you’ve read what the chap in the cap has to say, you might not need to waste quite as much time visiting equally clueless retailers!

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