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Originally published: February 2020



The Evo ES is the latest iteration of a Shark helmet that has been around for many years. Not sure if the idea was first invented by Roof or Shark, but the concept is a full-face helmet where the chin bar can be pivoted around the shell to sit at the back of the helmet. It gives, in some ways, the best of both worlds. In one configuration you have a proper full-face helmet; in the other a proper open-face. And it does this in a way that is more clever and more practical than a flip-lid helmet. Now, a few years ago, Shark developed a version called the Evo One. It tackled one particular issue that had, historically, marred the experience for some customers. Namely, that you had to raise the visor when you pulled the chin piece around from the back of the helmet to the front. The problem with the new helmet was that the mechanism didn’t work. Shark blamed the Pinlock, then later acknowledged some design issues. And so they created the Evo One 2; it was better but not perfect. This latest version is called the Evo ES, and it doesn’t have a Pinlock at all. Chris, as he always does, tells us what he thinks.




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