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Spidi Intersection jacket in black



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Spidi Intersection jacket in black
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Spidi Intersection jacket in black Product Information

Here at Motolegends we like 'different'. Of course, that's not difference at the expense of functionality. But if we come across something that does a job, but that does that job with a bit of a twist, we admit that we are kind of drawn.
Spidi no longer has a UK distributor, so late last year we went over to the factory in Italy, with a view to bringing in a small range of gear that would be totally exclusive to us. The Intersection jacket is a product of that arrangement. On one level, it's just a mesh jacket. But it's a mesh jacket with a difference. And that difference is that the chassis of the jacket  is leather. The result is one of the most interesting mesh jackets we have ever come across. It looks cooler than a mesh jacket has a right to look. It is incredibly comfortable to wear. And it's going to be way more  protective than your average mesh jacket.
The jacket is built up from four different materials. The shoulders, the upper chest, and the top of the back are made from cowhide, as are the elbows. Leather is also used as an edging on the external, zip pockets, and at the ends of the sleeves. Spidi implies that this is the same leather that they use in their race suits, but I feel that this may be a bit of a stretch!
The majority of the surface area of the jacket is mesh; a high-tenacity Nylon of some description. You also get a Cordura-style material edging the hem of the jacket, front and back, and on the arms. Finally, there are some stretch panels up the flanks for extra comfort
Now we have stated that the Intersection is more protective than other mesh jackets. Yet the jacket's single-A rating under EN17092 would suggest that the jacket is not a particularly protective piece. Well, as ever with EN17092, things are not quite as straightforward as they appear. 
On a jacket or pant, EN17092 works on the basis of meeting different abrasion resistance standards in three different zones. These zones are known as 1,2 and 3. Now, with the Intersection one could be reasonably confident that in the Zone 1 areas at the shoulders and elbows the jacket would have passed at the AA; conceivably even at the AAA level. But a jacket or pant is accredited on the basis of its lowest rating across the three zones, and as a large part of the jacket is made from mesh, then an A rating is the end result. But for us the claim that the areas of leather make the Intersection more protective than most mesh jackets will undoubtedly be true. It will be.
But there's another consideration here. EN17092 is not a safety standard. It is really nothing more than a test for the abrasion resistance of the outer shell. Now arguably it is the armour that plays the most important role in keeping us safe in an accident. It's the armour that protects our major joints and our spine. And in the Intersection the armour in the elbows and shoulders is Level 2. That's almost unheard of in a mesh jacket, so this again reinforces our view. And don't forget that armour also plays a critical when it comes to abrasion resistance. Level 2 armour clearly makes a bigger difference in this respect than Level 1 armour. We stand by our original statement, therefore. The Intersection is going to be more protective than most mesh jackets. Still, one cannot hide from the fact that this jacket is largely made up of mesh panelling, which will not be particularly robust in an accident. Of course, if you want to make the Intersection as protective as it can possibly be, add in a Level 2, D3O back protector. You'll need one with Velcro. We do one, but nobody else does.
In Italy, and indeed in other markets, the Intersection is supplied with a waterproof, inner jacket. We don't think a waterproof membrane inside a leather, or a mesh, jacket makes much sense, so we asked Spidi to supply it to us without a waterproof. They agreed to do this, and reduced the price accordingly. And so, for our part, we would recommend that, if ever there's a possibility of rain, you carry a Scott waterproof jacket with you. A waterproof worn over the Intersection will deliver the very highest levels of waterproofing. It's in every way a better solution.
In truth, there's not much more to impart about the Intersection. You get two, external, zip pockets. There are zips and poppers at the ends of the sleeves. There's an adjustable belt arrangement at the hips. There are no pockets inside the jacket; and that's really about not getting in the way of incoming air. Finally, Spidi has a system that allows you to attach the jacket to a trouser belt.
When it comes to high-airflow jackets, our go-to is always the Klim Marrakesh. It's an amazing jacket that forms part of a system that allows you to ride in any climate. 
Truth be told, even though we sell a number of standard, mesh jackets we are not always massive fans of them. They do a job; they flow air, but we instinctively feel that they are more suited to a ride into the hills when you're on holiday than they are to serious road riding.  
The Intersection is more robust, stronger, and more protective than these sub-£200 jackets. The Intersection looks, feels and wears like a traditional biking jacket. It is different and, in most respects, better than a traditional, mesh jacket. 
Yes, at £350, it is somewhat more expensive than most mesh jackets. But we have worked with Spidi to bring the price down. In Italy, the Intersection costs just under £500. At £350, of course, the Intersection is only £100 less than the more versatile Marrakesh. Yet we probably take the view that the two are not directly comparable. The Klim is more about touring and adventure riding perhaps, although it is also hugely popular with casual, weekend riders. The Spidi is a bit more urban, and certainly a bit more stylish. If you like wearing leather, but find your leather jacket unbearable in hot weather, then you might find that the Intersection is right up your alley!
You should also look to a Klim Zephyr windproof, inner layer. It will vastly increase the temperature range at which you can ride comfortably in the Intersection.


  • Upper portion in leather, as are elbows
  • Main body of jacket in mesh
  • Cordura-like fabric, combined with stretch fabric in other areas
  • Level 2 armour in shoulders and elbows
  • Pocket for D3O back protector, (attaches by Velcro)
  • Two external zip pockets
  • Zip and poppers at sleeve ends
  • Adjustable belt at hem
  • Rated A for abrasion resistance under EN17092


Spidi jackets have a 3 year warranty

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