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PMJ Tex-Pro jeans in blue 34/32 EU50



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PMJ Tex-Pro jeans in blue 34/32 EU50

PMJ Tex-Pro jeans in blue 34/32 EU50 Product Information

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Brian Little: Mr

Very well made jeans, soft & comfortable to wear. Available in long leg (I’m 195cm tall). Lower leg is relatively narrow and won’t fit over normal touring boots (Daytona) so unfortunately I had to return them.

Steve Price: Mr

Can't say enough good things about these jeans. You literally can't tell the difference between these and a regular pair, bar the armour pockets and a slight yellow tinge to the inside. I find it hard to believe they are AAA rated and clearly I hope to never put that to the test. They are comfortable to wear in any situation even with the super-thin armour in place. They are fairly slim-fitting and tight in the leg but that's Italian styling I guess and that's fine by me. I wear Stylmartin Rocket boots and with a bit of coaxing the legs go over just fine. They would get a 5 but for the waist button feeling a little flimsily attached and the design of the logo on the leather patch at the back being a bit cheesey designed. That came straight off with a bit of unpicking. A stylish, progressive and practical garment. Well done Motolegends!

Ricky: Proof is in the pudding

I purchased these Jeans after watching a Moto Legends video review. The sizing was spot on but there is a great deal of stretch fabric woven in, which felt odd at first but makes perfect sense when sat on the bike, the armour also sits in all the correct places Very comfortable. The Jeans are very lightweight and should be cool in the summer. I am writing this review while sitting in hospital nursing some broken bones to my upper body after a collision with Deer in the road. The Jeans held up very well with some scuffing and odd holes. My knee has some abrasions, which I am sure would of been much worse without the Jeans or armour. I will be purchasing a replacement pair in the very near future.

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