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Rokker Revolution Jean
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Rokker Revolution Jean (ROK002)


Product Information

Rokker jeans are some of the most technically sophisticated jeans in the market at the moment and the Revolution style are perhaps the most advanced cut from the Rokker collection. These straight fit jeans are made from 100% schoeller-Denim-Dynatec which is a revolutionary combination of schoeller- Dynatec and denim. This means you get an abrasive resistant, wind resistant and waterproof jean with an authentic denim look. On top of protection, the Revolution jean can be worn in any temperature thanks to the integrated c_change membrane which has been bonded to the inner layer of the jean. This membrane uses technology which allows the fabric to react to changing temperature, closing when cold and opens in response to warmth. This material also balances out body moisture in humid weather.

What makes these jeans revolutionary is the fact that all these amazing features have been made without creating loads of bulky layers, meaning these jeans have all the bells and whistles without the uncomfortable heaviness that comes with many motorcycle jeans. Knee and hip protector pockets are also made from 100% schoeller-Denim-Dynatec and this style comes complete with D30 protectors. These  jeans are also washable at 40 degrees. Finishing touches include taped seams, a rain flap over the zipper, five pockets and exclusive wash making each pair original.

Please note that size is shown in waist/inside leg measurement in inches.

Rated as part of our top 10 motorcycle touring suits.

Find out what makes these Rokker jeans incredible.

Read the story behind our Revolution crash warranty.

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Rokker Revolution Review


  • Classic comfort fit with
  • Zip with rain flap
  • Made of 100% schoeller-Denim-Dynatec (a revolutionary combination of schoeller®-dynatec and denim, thus extremely high resistance to abrasion as well as a genuine Jeans-look)
  • Integrated c_change membrane. This membrane reacts independently to changing temperatures and activities and is waterproof and windproof.
  • Protector pockets made of 100% schoeller®-dynatec (protectors adjustable with velcro)
  • Easy care (washable at 40 degrees)
  • Removable d3o-protectors included



Bill Lawrence: Product Review

Fifth pair of bike jeans I've had, and the first that have everything I want: good fit (true to jeans size), great look, all-day comfort on or off the bike, and great protective features. Waterproof is a bonus, and my wife likes the box! Worth the cash - I wish the price hadn't scared me off when I first heard of Rokker!

Antony Oaten: Product Review

I bought a pair of these jeans after your recommendation, I thought they were expensive, but actually they are definitely worth the cost. Extremely comfortable in any weather, totally windproof yet incredibly breathable. These are one of those rare products which are actually better than claimed, I'm very pleased I bought them as they have literally transformed my riding pleasure., thanks!

Adam Barnett: More than just a pair of jean

At nearly £350, it took me quite some time to gather the courage to shell out on a pair of these...but when I did - no regrets! Imagine being able to wear your favourite pair of Levis, but knowing you've got the protection of leather, and the waterproofing of textile. An all day, every day, pair of jeans. Forget the price tag, you'll only ever need to buy them once.

Derek Wiltshire: Mr.

These are brilliant. Absolutely waterproof and very comfortable. Loving the Rokker stuff and buying more of it

Ian Cartwright: Worth the money

Without doubt the most comfortable pair of bike jeans I've had. A 4 day trip to Wales in June (wettest June ever) proved they are totally waterproof, they dry very quickly overnight as well. As so light, great for sitting around at coffee stops and they look normal. Good in hot weather. Hopefully they will last for years but I would buy again when they do give in.

Steven Miles: Armour pocket tears easily.

These jeans were good. Kept me dry in the rain. Comfortable to wear. However, one of the armour pockets has torn away from the top seam. It looks like the pocket is taped in place with a section of c_change bonded denim, only it came unbonded meaning that only the c_change membrane was holding the pocket in place. Obviously this didn't last very long and tore away from the top seem. Only had them 8 months. Would expect a £350 pair of jeans to be a little bit more robust.

Mark Mowbray: Waist Size

Be aware that I wear size 34" waist trousers but the Rokker size 34" are definitely tight on me which has prompted me to loose weight so its not all bad!

Mark Sibun: Rokker Jean Review

Great product! My partner is a costume maker and knows her onions, eh?! After a full scrutiny she gave a knowing nod! Deal done.....

Marc Stokes: mr.

The box was broken but I didn't buy them for the box. There was no t-shirt as advertised; still...greatest jeans in the world. Sizing different to other cuts so not the greatest fit; still....greatest jeans in the world. Then I put one of the knee armour units in to the "pocket" and it promptly fell out. Either they have sewn them in the wrong way round or you need to stick velcro to the armour for it to stay; still greatest jeans in the world ......right?

Michael Reilly: Mr

Like previous reviews, the cost of these jeans had put me off even trying them on. Let's face it; £350 for a pair of jeans is a little eye watering! And there lies the issue. The Revolutions may look like like jeans and they may feel like jeans, but they leave your 'normal' pair of jeans on the starting blocks. I have now been wearing my Revolutions for 8 months and have tested them in the rain as well as hot weather. They are simply brilliant and so comfortable I can wear them all day without any discomfort. These 'jeans' are a top quality protective garment and this is reflected in the price. As the old saying goes; the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

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