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D3O Ghost armour knee & hip pack


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D3O Ghost armour knee & hip pack
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D3O Ghost armour knee & hip pack Product Information

D3O's Ghost armour was introduced into the company's range of protectors at the beginning of 2020. It works on the same basis as standard D3O armour, with a non-Newtonian fluid at the heart of its structure. Like all D3O armour it is highly flexible, and becomes more so as it absorbs the body's heat. But it hardens on impact. Ghost armour is particularly thin, however. It still meets the EN 16121 standard at Level 1, but because it is so light and flexible it is even more comfortable to wear than standard D3O protection. The armour has been designed so that, in most instances, it will fit directly into the pockets that took the old ‘shaped’ D3O knee & hip protectors. If your knee armour requires Velcro® you can purchase this here

Please note, that both codes on our website GST007 and this one GST003 are identical, but we market them separately just for clarity. For both packs you will still purchase a 4-piece set of armour, i.e. 2 knees and 2 hips 2 OR 2 elbows and 2 shoulders.



  • CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1, for ambient and wet conditions
  • Superior breathability and low-profile design
  • Total flexibility, with geometry that fits perfectly against the body
  • Simple integration into existing knee and hip pockets
  • No ‘read through’ of the protector on denim. Wear black side out

Product Reviews


Paul: Fantastic

Bought a set and tried them in my Rokkertech jeans. Massive improvement. After a few trips on the bike using them Ive ordered another set. Im putting them in my other jeans too. Best bit is when off the bike you dont have a shaped knee protector banging about below your knee and making the leg of the jeans uncomfortable.

Roland: Recommended Purchase w Minor Caveats

I purchased this set from Motolegends and had it shipped to the US because nobody else seems to be taking Motolegends lead on offering this excellent product. So first and foremost, THANK YOU Motolegends. As for the product, I am using this kit to replace the standard CE-1 D3O armor that was included with my Resurgence skinny fit jeans. Apparently, I'm not as skinny as I imagined so I needed a thinner armor for added comfort and to prevent from printing through the jeans. Ghost armor is a God-send in those regards. The material is shockingly thin and flexible, I would compare it to SeeSoft armor from RevIT. On my hips the armor is practically non-existent, which prior to Ghost armor the standard D3O made my lower-half look like Kim Kardashian and not in a good way. Now the reason for the 4-stars is due to a few minor grievances. First and foremost, the Ghost hip armor is not the same size as the standard D3O hip armor. The Ghost hip armor is about 0.75 or roughly 2cm for the rest of the world wider than the standard D3O hip armor. Because of this, you have to be aware of the shape of the pocket you're looking to place these in. Fortunately the hip armor pockets in my jeans were just wide enough where I could squeeze in the Ghost armor with only minor curling at the edges. The second minor consideration is more of discretionary advice than a design flaw. If you plan to place Ghost armor in tight slim fitting garments don't expect the armor to be completely invisible to the eyes. Since the Ghost armor is completely flat with no shape or concavity to it, rounded areas like knees or elbows have a tendency to show through the garment more. Imagine trying to wrap a sheet of paper around a tennis ball, areas along the edges have a tendency to want to crease and stick-outwards. When I bend my knee the Ghost armor does the same thing whereas the standard D3O looks more natural because its molded to hug that area. Again, this is mostly noticeable if you're like me and ordered riding jeans 1-size too small. All-in-all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ghost armor as the best option in the market for CE-I armor for those who are conscious about comfort and aesthetics. I plan to order additional sets from Motolegends to outfit the rest of my riding gear.

J P: D3O Ghost armour

Light flexible and strong protection, easy to fit.

Scott: Improvement on previous D30 armour

I bought my Rokker jeans during last summer and although the jeans were very comfortable, I found the knee armour wasnt comfortable. I got the opportunity to purchase the ghost armour for a discount and took the plunge. This was the best decision I made!! The new ghost armour is so much more comfortable and where I found that the original D30 armour rubbed and banged the knees when walking about, this new armour does not do that at all. They improve the look of the jeans too. I have kept the original hip armour in place, as the ghost armour in my opinion is slightly too large for the hip pockets. I think the old armour fits slightly better than the new ghost armour in the hips and I don't notice the difference when wearing the original hip armour. Overall, very pleased with my purchase and I would say that you WILL NOT be disappointed with purchasing the new armour. You probably paid a lot for the jeans in the first place and although another £40-£50 on top may smart a bit, I would fully recommend buying the new armour. I hope the Rokker jeans come with this new armour from now on, which would make the overall package outstanding if riding jeans are what you are after.

stuart cox: Big improvement

I bought these after being emailed the video review by Chris. I have to say these are huge improvement over the D30 armour. I have a Belstaff jacket and like to wear it out when not on the bike too. I used to take the armour out when wearing out as a casual jacket but with the ghost armour I can leave it in and not really notice it.

Stephen: Comfortable but nervous

Great protectors, light and very thin. My only hesitation is how thin they are. I know they are certified, but instinctively its hard to see how protective they would be compared to the thicker D30 armour it has replaced in my Revolutions and Mojave. Hopefully I wont get to find out. I guess I have to trust the boffins. 6 stars if they do perform!

brian: Ghost Armour

Bought a set for my Rokker Jeans, fits well and nicer to wear. Liked them so much bought another set for my Belstaff jacket. They are bit tight in the jean pockets , but dont think that a concern.

Keith: Ghost Armour

I Bought a set of these for my Resurgence New Wave Jeans. They are great, a bit snug in the hip armour pockets but nothing too drastic, knee armour pockets are ok. They have transformed the comfort from, always just knowing they were there to wow these are so comfortable. Off the bike, they are really not that noticeable, and as already said nothing clattering around your knees. A very good buy. Well done D30.

Stephen: Effective but rather pricey

I bought this softer armour for my Rokker Revolution jeans to replace the harder D3O supplied originally. The new armour bends much easier at the knees and similarly to fit the shape of your hips. It fits and works well, the main advantage being to make the jeans a lot more comfortable and have less weight hanging on your legs. However £50 is rather a lot on top of what were already eye-wateringly expensive jeans at £349. I conclude this new armour is effective and I would not go back to the old hard stuff, but have knocked off a star for the cost which I think is a little excessive.

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