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D3O Ghost knee/elbow armour


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D3O Ghost knee/elbow armour
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D3O Ghost knee/elbow armour Product Information

D3O's Ghost armour was introduced into the company's range of protectors at the beginning of 2020. It works on the same basis as standard D3O armour, with a non-Newtonian fluid at the heart of its structure. Like all D3O armour it is highly flexible, and becomes more so as it absorbs the body's heat. But it hardens on impact. Ghost armour is particularly thin, however. It still meets the EN 16121 standard at Level 1, but because it is so light and flexible it is even more comfortable to wear than a standard D3O hip protector. The armour has been designed so that, in most instances, it will fit directly into the standard pockets that took the 'old' D3O protectors. Please note if you require knee armour with Velcro® this can be purchased here


  • D3O® patented technology
  • CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1, for Ambient and wet conditions
  • Type A coverage
  • Superior breathability and low-profile design
  • Total flexibility, with geometry which conforms to the limb, fits perfectly against the body
  • Simple integration into garments through hook and loop attachment
  • No read through of the protector when wearing jeans

Product Reviews


Bob: D3O Ghost Knee Armour

Thankfully not put to the test, but it is incredibly light, slim, flexible and comfortable in my Rokkertech jeans.

Matt: Ghost is the right word.

I bought the knee and hip ghost armour, to replace the D30 armour in my Rokker jeans. I wear these on my bike, generally when visiting venues or going to concerts. The D30 armour was ok, but you knew it was there, especially when walking around. This new ghost armour is amazing, I really cant tell I have it in, Its hard to believe it provides the same protection as the D30, but that's what it says. If you wear your kit off the bike, and want unobtrusive, all day and comfortable protection, then this is the right gear for you. I should add, make sure you put it in the right way, I didn't. Thanks to Chris' video review I do now.

Vincent: Light as a feather

Bulky and unpliable it isnt, this armour is so unobtrusive youd be a foolish to go without. Very impressed and extremely comfortable.

Brian: Light malleable but undersized so slides around

I was excited when I ordered this new product. Although the technology may be impressive which produces these thin and lightweight protectors, from a practical viewpoint Ive found they are too generic in size and shape to fit well into any of my many jackets trousers. They have no Velcro strips which would work well in quite a lot of protective wear. So they are impossible to accurately position and to keep in place. Ive tried swapping them around and putting the knee protector in the elbow etc without success. You may be lucky and have armour pockets that are perfect for them. Hopefully D3O will think about refining this product in future as it could be great.

Gordon: just fitted to my Halvarrsons Macan jeans

just arrived this morning and fitted to my jeans, what a difference even just putting on, no more fiddling around to get my jeans on and they feel so much nicer to walk around in, pity I cannot go out on the bike due to current restrictions. It may be worth mentioning with these jeans and the standard Halvarssons armour that the velcro is very short in length due to the shape of the armour and the new Ghost armour has a longer length of velcro on it that the velcro on my jeans had sort of puckers up in length and was not fitting flat on the new armour but a bit of pressure on it has made a nice even flat fit to it, very impressive looking stuff and money well spent, hope that makes sense!!

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