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Best places to ride over Easter

Best UK motorcycle rides this Easter

With the weather looking up for Easter Bank Holiday, motorbike outfitters MotoLegends have analysed road closures, popular routes and accident data to work out where are the best places to head to on your motorbike this easter.

Where are the best UK motorcycle rides for the Easter Bank Holiday?

There are some old favourites and roads less travelled to help you keep clear of crowds and road closures but still get out on your bike this Easter bank holiday. Whether you’re planning to attend Easter motorcycle events or just want to get out into the great outdoors, make the most of the break with our best motorcycle rides in the UK.

Here’s where you should head to on your motorcycle to enjoy the open road (without the traffic) this Easter:

North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 route tends to get busy between the warmer months of May and October, so if you’re ready to make the trip then Easter bank holiday is a good time to do it. In the summer, the roads can get busy and blocked up with campervans and caravans travelling the circular route.

The North Coast 500 was created to highlight some of Scotland’s sights to the world. Because it’s further out than other routes, make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it and take in the mountain and sea views along the way. The good news is there are no planned closures or roadworks this bank holiday.

Minehead to Barnstaple

The stretch of road between Minehead and Barnstaple starts out as an unassuming A-road takes you up a steep hill called Porlock Hill, with beautiful views across Exmoor. It has good visibility, plenty of sweeping bends and drops you down into Countisbury Hill and Lynmouth.

It keeps you away from Bank Holiday tourist traps like Bath, Cheddar Gorge and Cornwall, which can get seriously busy. There are no planned roadworks along this route over the Bank Holiday so you can ride without delays hitting your journey.

Black Mountain Road

Head to South Wales for brilliant views, plenty of corners and smooth roads – watch out for sheep that graze alongside the winding paths. There isn’t usually much traffic on the roads here, even during the bank holidays, and the area’s filled with great roads that link the Brecon Beacons together. You’ll cross mountains, valleys and open spaces, showing off this beautiful part of rural Wales.

The good news is that there are no planned road closures or works across the region this Bank Holiday so you can enjoy the open road.

Bedfordshire B660

This is bendy route skirting the East Midlands, taking you through villages and rural spots along the way. It can be challenging and is filled with tight corners, quietening off the further north you go along the route. It’s a great one to break up the monotony of the A1 if you’re heading on a longer journey too. It’s a good reminder that you don’t need to be in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the great British countryside at its best.

Bedfordshire has a relatively low number of traffic accidents involving motorcycles and there are minimal road closures over Bank Holiday.

North Devon & Exmoor Coastal Road

Getting off the beaten track across North Devon and Exmoor will open up coastal views along with moors and valleys. There can be some traffic as you head towards the route but keep an eye on your timings and you’ll be able to avoid any congestion. The road opens out into more remote views and a coastal drop that you can marvel at as you cruise along.

This trip will help you steer clear of delays from roadworks and is in one of the safest areas when it comes to motorcycle accidents – the numbers are low.

Chepstow to Monmouth

The route between Chepstow and Monmouth runs parallel to the famous Wye Valley Road (the A466), making a great alternative to a route that often gets busy without many places to overtake. Take it a little further and you can take in some of the iconic bridges that cross the River Severn and Bristol Channel like the Menai Suspension Bridge, Severn Bridge and Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Monmouthshire has one of the lowest motorcycle accident rates in the UK, so although this road is rural it’s usually safe for riders. Take care on any corners and watch out for any oncoming traffic. There are also no planned works that will affect your journey on this scenic route.

Hardknott Pass

Hardknott Pass takes you through the Cumbrian countryside on a road between Eskdale and the Duddon Valley. It’s in joint place with Rosedale Chimney in North Yorkshire for the title of the steepest road in England, with a gradient of about 33%. It’s not for the faint-hearted but gives spectacular views and winding roads.

Cumbria is one of the safest spots for motorcyclists in the UK, and there are no planned roadworks taking place during the Bank Holiday period.

Where to avoid heading on your bike this Bank Holiday

The areas with the most roadworks this April are Buckinghamshire, Kent, Surrey and Essex. Essex and Surrey are also in the top 10 of accident hotspots when it comes to motorcycles, so these are the spots to skip if you want to avoid getting caught up in traffic.

The M20, M25 and M40 are looking particularly busy for roadworks this Easter so keep an eye out if you’re heading out on the open road in these areas and plan your routes accordingly.

Some of the most popular routes that are surrounded by cities, like the Cat & Fiddle Road in Derbyshire and the Snake Pass in Derbyshire and Yorkshire tend to get swamped when the weather’s good and people have time on their hands. This leads to overcrowding, accidents and a police presence so possibly best avoided.

Best places to ride this Easter

Get ready to ride out this Easter

If you’re riding out this Easter Bank Holiday, make sure you’re prepared with the right kit wherever you’re headed. Check the weather forecast before you go and take the time to pack everything you need ahead of time.

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