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Roland Sands Motorcycle Gear

Roland Sands Motorcycle Clothing

Roland Sands is a relatively new name on the UK motorcycle jacket and clothing scene. Californian, Roland Sands got his first motorcycle at the age of five. He virtually grew up in the workshop of Performance Machines. At the age of 14, Roland Sands started sweeping floors, eventually working his way up to Director of Research and Development and Design.

Roland Sands raced bikes from 1994 to 2002, becoming the AMA 250 GP champion in 1998 and in 2005, after the success Roland Sands found in Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off, he set up Roland Sands Designs.

His designs are described as a mixture of sport bike and chopper influences. He has won many awards, particularly for the bikes he built for TV series like Chopper Nation, American Thunder and Build or Bust. Roland Sands Designs also manufactures a wide array of hard parts, particularly for Harley Davidsons.