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D3O Viper Air Level 2 back protector

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D3O Viper Air Level 2 back protector
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D3O Viper Air Level 2 back protector Product Information

Armour has come a long way in the last 20 years, and that is largely down to D3O. It will be interesting to see how much further armour can be developed in the coming years, but one can be sure that D3O, and others, will be working to create armour that is ever more energy absorbing and protective, ever thinner and more pliable, and ever more comfortable to ride in. And D3O's latest protector, the Viper Air L2, is an example of exactly this.
In the world of limb and back protectors there are two levels of protection. Basically, Level 2 armour absorbs twice as much armour as Level 1 armour. It is, in essence, twice as protective. This comes at a price, however. Level 2 armour will inevitably be heavier than Level 1 armour, but that is a sacrifice that many people are prepared to accept. In a lightweight jacket, something intended for urban riding, for example, one might go for Level 1 armour. But in the most technical wear, the kind of gear worn by serious, high-mileage riders, Level 2 armour will often be considered the way to go.
Until now the go-to Level 2, D3O back protector has been the Viper L2. It comes as standard in some jackets, and is a popular upgrade for those who seek a higher level of protection. The Viper L2  has long been the most comfortable, Level 2 back protector that money can buy. Well that was until now. There's a new Level 2 protector on the block. It's the Viper Air L2, and it betters the standard Level 2 Viper protector in a number of ways.
As the 'Air' nomenclature would suggest, it is much more breathable. People think that we only need to be wearing breathable clothing and layers in hot weather. And whilst we do need it in hot weather, it is equally, and in some ways more, important in cold weather. Well you can look through the new back protector in the way that you simply couldn't with the old one. In fact, D3O tell us that the new protector is three and a half times, (250%), more breathable than the old one. The vented nature of the new protector also means that there is 20% less contact with the body than there was with the old one, making it much more comfortable too.
The new protector is also 22% lighter than its predecessor. Now it is still heavier than D3O's Level 1 back protector, but the difference between the too has reduced. The Viper Air 2 is also more flexible, apparently, and will be more durable, we are told.
Any garment that took the old Viper protector, either the Level 1 or the Level 2 version, will take the new Air protector. And like the basic Vipers, the new one comes in four sizes.


  • Three and a half times more breathable than the standard Viper L2
  • Presents 20% less contact with the rider's body
  • Greater flexibility, and 22% lighter than the Viper L2
  • Fits any D30 back protector pockets
  • Available in four sizes

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Product Reviews


Pokeralex: Top level equipment

Top service and super quick delivery as always from motolegends. The one area of armour I always need to know is the best I can get is my spine, yes you can get thinner pads, but this bad boy covers well, softens with body heat to the point I cant feel it, but I know D30 works well. The air version really does reduce back sweat too in my summer mesh jackets. Cheers guys!!

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