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Halvarssons Duved gloves in black


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Halvarssons Duved gloves in black
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Halvarssons Duved gloves in black Product Information

The Halvarssons Duved is a winter glove. But it is a very particular kind of winter glove, as it is what is known as a two-finger, sometimes a three-finger, glove. Such gloves sit somewhere between a traditional glove and a full-on mitten.
If you have skied, you will know that ski mittens are warmer than ski gloves, and that's because the fingers present less skin to the oncoming wind blast. The fingers can also rub against one another, sharing the heat from one finger to another. And that's why gloves like these are warmer to ride in than traditional, winter gloves.
But we would not say that the Duved is necessarily the warmest such glove on the market. It will be more than a match for just about any traditional, fingered glove, but we might suggest that the Richa Nordic glove would be warmer; and that's because the 40g. of Innoborne, thermal insulation in the Duved is not particularly heavy duty. 
The glove is made from a mix of goatskin and textile fabrics, with a touch of stretch built in to the textile areas. Compartment gloves like these are invariably comfortable to wear, and the Duveds are no exception, in this respect. An open-back construction also contributes to comfort. As do concertina pads in the fingers and thumbs.
For protection you get a hard, knuckle protector, and rubber bumpers on the fingers. You also get a rubber pad on the palm. In the palm there's a panel of Hi-Art, which is a material that Halvarssons has long used as a strengthener in a lot of its products. On the palm you will also find panels of a material that performs the same kind of role as digi leather. This serves to give greater purchase on the bars.
The membrane in the Duved is Halvarssons' own membrane, known as Dryway. It is totally reliable, and has been used by the Swedish company for more than 20 years. On the left thumb there's a visor wipe.
The cuff on the Duved is longer, but not bulky. It will tuck into the sleeve ends of most technical jackets. The wrist fastens by means of a wide Velcro flap
You also get a NUDUD, touchscreen-sensitive nodule on the right thumb. This is the best system for phones and satnavs. It is pinpoint accurate. And totally reliable.
The bottom line is this. This is going to be a warm glove; warmer than most. It will be comfortable and protective. Some people cannot come to terms with such gloves on style grounds. Then again, some people need to get over themselves, or perhaps just accept having cold hands!
The Duved represents good value, as we've come to expect from the Swedish brand. In some ways, we might suggest that the Richa Nordic might be warmer, and of course that glove has a Gore-Tex membrane, with the reassurance that confers, but it is 30% more expensive than the Duved.
As ever, there are no rights and wrongs here. The decision may well come down to budget and fit; but there's nothing new there.


  • Goatskin and textile construction
  • Dryway waterproof membrane
  • 40g. Innoborne thermal insulation
  • Hi-Art for added abrasion resistance in palm
  • NUDUD nodule for touchscreen use
  • Visor wipe
  • One year warranty


Halvarssons gloves have a 1 year warranty

Product Reviews


Paul Jones: Superb Halvarssons

Lobster claw winter gloves. They fit well and work a treat with my heated grips. The best winter gloves I have Which range from BMW down. 55, shame I cant give a higher score.

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