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Halvarssons Ljusdal gloves in black


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Halvarssons Ljusdal gloves in black
Halvarssons Ljusdal gloves in blackAlternative Image1
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Halvarssons Ljusdal gloves in black Product Information

Like the Beast glove, the Ljusdal, which apparently is also a town in Sweden, is a bit of an all rounder. It is more than what we’d call a summer-waterproof glove, but less than what we’d think of as a full-on winter glove. It’d be fine for a chilly autumn day, but for commuting in the depths of winter when you’ll be on the bike at 6.00 am, this won’t be the glove for you. If, however, you’re looking for a single pair of gloves that, at a pinch, you could ride in all year round, this is a glove you should give serious consideration too, although on the very hottest days it might get a bit sweaty! The starting point is a goatskin chassis. We love goatskin. It’s, in our view, better than cowhide when it comes to balancing feel against strength. For added abrasion resistance, you get a layer of Hi-Art in the palm. For the back of the hand, you get a formed, knuckle protector. The waterproof membrane is Halvarssons’ own Dryway membrane; a membrane that in some situations is better than Gore’s, they tell us. There are two thermal components to the unpronounceable Ljusdal. The first is a material called Innoborne, which is a Thinsulate alternative. The other lining is Outlast, which we all know and love, and which helps keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Outlast, of course, also works really well with heated grips, because the heat from the grips goes around the membrane to also heat the back of the hand. Another nice little touch with the Ljusdal is ‘MC-fit’ that bonds the fingertips to the membrane, thus making the membrane ‘impossible’, actually let’s just say ‘difficult’, to pull out when you take the gloves off. The fingers on the glove are also touchscreen sensitive, so that you can use the phone or GPS when you’re wearing them. Of course, knowing how shallow and superficial most of us bikers actually are, a lot of people are going to be drawn to this glove because of its flash BOA lacing system, and indeed that was what first caught our eye! It’s pretty trick, but it also has to be said that it works really well; it’s certainly more than just a gimmick. And the same has to be said of the Ljusdal itself. It’s actually a heck of a glove. Lastly, and we quote from Halvarssons’ catalogue, the Ljusdal has a ‘vizer viper’; and we can all work out what that is!


  • Goatskin chassis
  • Dryway waterproof membrane
  • Lined with Innoborne and Outlast
  • Hard-formed knuckle protector
  • MC-fit lamination on fingers
  • Touchscreen sensitive fingers
  • BOA wrist closure
  • ‘Vizer viper’!


Halvarssons gloves have a 1 year warranty

Size Chart

Halvarssons Motorcycle Gloves. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

XS5 - 6
S7 - 8
M9 - 10
L10 - 11
XL12 - 13
2XL13 - 14

To find your measurement click here to print out a PDF glove measurement guide.

Product Reviews


John: Quality glove but a bit fiddly

Like previous reviews these are a little fiddly but manageable they are extremely well put together and are very comfortable to wear the cuffs will be a little short for winter riding so have purchased a larger cuff version and will use these with summer jacket

Dave E: Great glove, but Boa is a little bit fiddly with gloves on

They seem very well made and they are very comfortable. Get a bit warm above 17-18 deg and TBH need the heated grips on below 13 deg IMHO. So for most of the UK in 3 seasons they are probably great. I just find pulling the Boa dial a little difficult with the gloves on. which of course at least one glove will always be on. Sizing seems spot on Bought them as a 1 x glove to do most things and I think they meet that goal.

Andy: windwire not fit for purpose

The windwire closure is rubbish! Tricky to release with bare fingers, impossible with a gloved hand, which of course you need to do when wearing both! I had to use my teeth! The gloves themselves are ok but should have either a bigger windwire button or standard velcro. Unfortunately after checking the size I removed the labels ... before realising what a piece of the windwire system is. Now I have a £99 pair of gloves I cant use or return

Graham: Awesome

Fantastic gloves, nice fit, look great, little details make the difference, closing system is excellent!

GPMF: Comfortable

Looks like a well constructed and good quality glove. Very comfortable. Unfortunately I had to exchange these for a different glove as I normally prefer having the cuff over sleeve and not under, and the cuff on these wasnt really wide enough. If the cuff had been wider then I would have kept these.

jim: first time

First time Ive bought Halvarssons, I am a Rukka fan but the only gloves that fit are the 3 finger gloves which are snowmobile gloves and really comfy, but no armour. Just received these today and they fit although tight to put on but theyre new. They feel comfy so will test them soon, North Scotland.

Neil G: Thinner Winter gloves

Bought these to replace a pair of Halvassons Advance gloves.I generally find gloves marginally too short in the finger but these are perfect. BOA system is a great bonus over old Velcro system as is the finger wiper. So far wore them for 2 hours at 6C in the dry on a GS with heated grips, perfect for my needs. I dont like bulky winter gloves so these are a great thinner compromise yet still suitably warm.

Ross B: Great gloves

Lightweight and waterproof, but still feel like they would give sufficient protection. Not sure how warm they will be for winter riding in Scotland though, time will tell!!

Paul: Halvarssons Ljusdal Gloves

I purchased these gloves after watching the MotoLegends youtube review. For sizing I am a size 9 and the fit is spot on. This is the first product Ive bought from Halvarssons and the quality and finish is what I'd expect from a glove of this price. I really liked the feature of the WiNDWIRE adjustment system, having used similar systems on my cycling shoes. This is a definite upgrade on Velcro and once you understand to lift the mechanism to release the tension which the instructions dont tell you you are good to go. The other feature I am looking forward to trying out is how they work with my heated grips. Overall I am pleased with my purchases. Recommended.

Darryl: Works as expected

Big fan of Halvarssons gear, and thought the fastening mechanism looked interesting. Works very well and is easy to both open and close. Just does what you hope it will do! Only thing I will say is that they arent great in low temps. Review seemed to suggest they would be, but you dont want to be wearing these at much less than 10c.

Simon Western Australia: Snug Ljusdal

I got these to replace my BMW All Round gloves. I went for the same size at 9. The finger length is perfect for me but the finger girth was pretty tight. The first day, they felt fine at first but after 20 minutes I began to loose the feel and control of the bike from reduced blood flow. After a 2nd day, they loosened enough to be comfortable all the time. I measured my index finger at 7cm circumference. They're warmer and I feel they're better quality than the BMW gloves and so far Ive had them down to 9 degrees. Below this and Ill be looking for some wind protection or heated grips to extend their range. I didnt know how Id feel about the cable ratchet but I love it.

Pete: My new go to gloves

After watching Chriss youtube review on the Ljusdal glove and being a big fan of Halvarssons I decided to order a pair as they looked perfect for my needs. The gloves are new for 2021 so took a while to arrive but it was well worth the wait. I have 2 other pairs of Halvarssons gloves so I was confident of the size and yet again size 12 were spot on. These gloves are great value and quality, well made with good features like the touchscreen button on the end of the index finger on right glove. There is a wiper blade on the left glove but haven't needed to use that yet. The wire tensioning system works fine and is very convenient to use. These are now my go to gloves as they are suitable for a wide range of temperature conditions and only extreme cold or heat will stop me from wearing them now.

Craig: A little bit different.

My new Ljusdal gloves arrived this morning and they appear to be very nicely constructed. The windwire system takes a bit of getting used to and it feels a bit odd at first. You need to give it a good tug Oh err matron to release the wrist closure and it becomes simple after a couple of goes. I have a few pairs of Halvarssons gloves along with items from Held and Rukka. I'm a size 12 and these gloves feel a bit snug, but then again they are brand new and should loosen up. They are comfortable and feel good on the bike. I gave them a few minutes on the radiator and then switched on the heated grips on my GS. Not a winter glove as was mentioned by Chris in the video, but they will be a good two to three season bit of kit. I'm happy with them.

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