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Interphone UCOM 3 intercom with 40mm speaker



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Interphone UCOM 3 intercom with 40mm speaker
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Interphone UCOM 3 intercom with 40mm speakerAlternative Image5
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Interphone UCOM 3 intercom with 40mm speaker Product Information

We were really happy with interphone’s range of UCOM comms. units. Made by, and compatible with, Sena, the range made sense. The 16 had Mesh, the 4 was the one for those of us who wanted to communicate with a smallish group of other riders, the 2 was for rider to pillion. But, just as we were getting to know the units, UCOM launched the 3. It belongs to a different family in that it doesn’t have a separate battery that affixes to the back of the helmet. Now it is basically another rider-to-pillion or solus-rider unit, and we might have ignored it because we like the 2, but the 2 is going to be discontinued, so we have no choice. The 3 it is!

So the 3 is like the 2 although, as we have said, it incorporates the battery; and this makes it much simpler to install. Graham, who fits our comms. here at Motolegends is already a big fan for this very reason. The wiring is simpler, and it is easier and quicker to install in a wider array of helmets. The 3, it has to be admitted, is a wee bit thicker than than the 2 because it incorporates the battery, but the increased girth is not great.

In most other respects, the 3 and the 2 are similar. Obviously, you can connect it to your phone or GPS. You can take and make calls, and you can listen to music. It employs the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. Now Interphone suggests that the UCOM 3 is compatible with all other systems. Well, technically, maybe. But the truth is that whilst this may be the case on a technical level, the UCOM will only work seamlessly with Sena and Interphone units. That’s the reality.

Now the UCOM 3 has a range of 500 metres, but if you want to talk to other riders you should go for the UCOM 4. In reality, the 3 is designed for rider-to-pillion communication, and not much more. The battery has a life of up to 10 hours. And the unit can be charged up in just 3 hours. In the pack you get a boom microphone for use on a flip-lid or open-face helmet. Or there’s a button microphone for a full-face. One thing that the 3 doesn’t have that the 2 did is an FM radio with an RDS function

The standard UCOM 3 has 32 mm speakers, but we have decided to offer only the upgraded version of the 3 that has better, larger 40 mm, high-definition speakers. This is more expensive than the standard pack, but the difference is only about £20 or so, and we figure that for the better sound and the improved clarity that’s not a huge premium to pay.


  • Designed mainly for rider-to-pillion communication
  • Made by Sena for Interphone, so compatible with both brands
  • Employs Bluetooth 5.1
  • Maximum range 500 metres
  • Can be connected to phone and GPS
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Clip or adhesive pad for fixing to helmet
  • Our version supplied with HD 40 mm speakers
  •  Supplied with boom and adhesive microphones
  • 10 hour battery life. 3 hour re-charge time
  • For more detailed spec. visit Interphone’s website
  • For best performance, download dedicated app.

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