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Get the 'David Beckham' Look

David Beckham is not just a cool biker; he’s a cool guy full stop. Whether or not he takes fashion tips from Victoria, he always seems to look good on the bike.

He epitomises that effortless insouciance that suggests he’s simply thrown on what was lying around in the garage when he took the bike out. But like Dean, McQueen, Depp and all those other ineffably stylish guys, David knows that is takes a lot of effort to appear that blasé.

The good news for any biker, though, is that we’ve done all the hard work for you, meaning that you can get the look at the click of a mouse.


David’s been seen around town wearing a helmet that doesn’t meet the EC safety standards, which means we don’t offer it, and we can’t recommend it. If Victoria finds out, by the way, she's going to be livid.

The closest approved helmet to the one he often wears is the Racer from Italian maker DMD. With its slightly motocross look you can wear it with goggles or sunglasses, or a visor.


We all know that David is associated with a particular brand of motorcycle wear, a brand that makes truly gorgeous wax cotton jackets.

But we reckon that, deep down, David is more of a Roland Sands kind of guy and that, if he were free to choose, he would probably go for something like Rolands’ very California Ronin jacket. The tobacco colourways would be his favourite, we reckon.


The Charly glove from Helstons has David Beckham written all over it. Made from super-soft full grain leather that has been waxed and oiled for a vintage look, it nonetheless features Kevlar fibres in the palm for extra protection.


David’s a denim kind of guy and, if he knew about them, we really think he would appreciate the aesthetic and technical appeal of the Red Raw Selvedge from Swiss maker, Rokker.

Made from 13ozs selvage denim, the jeans are 100% lined with Schoeller's highly abrasion resistant Dynatec material.

We’re sure he’d go from them because of their slim-fit leg. The only downside to this is that they won’t take armour. But for trips around Kensington and Chelsea, he might get away with that.


On the boot front we have to admit that we’re a little bit torn. We’re thinking that he would definitely ride in a proper riding boot, but probably a short one. For smart meetings and the best restaurants and shops, we’d be pointing him in the direction of Helstons' super-smart brogued Travel boot.  But if he was playing it down, and meeting his mates in the Cow, then we’d say that he couldn’t go wrong with TCX’s X-Blend, complete with its distressed appearance.