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PMJ Tourer waterproof jeans in blue


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PMJ Tourer waterproof jeans in blue
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PMJ Tourer waterproof jeans in blue Product Information

The PMJ Tourer is not quite like any other motorcycle jean out there. It comes with a laminated membrane. And if you have any desire to have waterproofing in a jean, this is how it would have to be constructed. And that’s because a jean with a drop-liner waterproof membrane will wet out and make you feel cold and wet even before the membrane gets to do its job. Rokker produce a properly-waterproof, laminated jean called the Revolution. And it really is incredibly waterproof, but with its fully-taped, C-Change waterproof membrane, the Revolution is not particularly comfortable.
The Tourer doesn’t set out to be a totally waterproof jean. The membrane is laminated to the inner surface of the denim, but technically the membrane is a windproof one. This having been said, a windproof membrane is pretty much the same as a waterproof membrane. The difference, as it is here, is that windproof membranes tend not to be taped to seal the joins.
What this means is that the Tourer is going to sit somewhere between a normal jean and a properly waterproof one. In an hour or two’s rain, water will start to find its way through the membrane, but for half an hour, forty-five minutes, or even an hour, the Tourer will do a reasonable job of keeping the wet stuff away from the rider’s skin.
A lot of people, in our experience, are looking for some element of waterproofing in their jeans. They may not be up for the price and discomfort of something like a pair of Rokker Revolutions, but they may well like to buy into a jean where you don’t have to reach for the waterproofs as soon as a cloud appears in the sky.
So let us not oversell the Tourer jean. For heavy, prolonged rain, the Tourer will not be up to the job. These jeans, though have their place. The membrane in the Tourers is not the most robust and waterproof, and so as a result the Tourer is pretty comfortable to wear and ride in. The membrane, however, will mean that the Tourer could get a little sweaty in hot weather. That being said, the Tourer will be nicer than a typical, single-layer jean when the temperature drops.
As a jean, the fit is neither super-slim or baggy. The denim has a raw finish; that is to say dark blue. The jean is rated AA under EN17092, and comes with soft, CE armour in the hips and knees. That it comes in just one leg length is a weakness.
Overall, we would have to say that this isn’t the jean for everybody. Some might suggest that it’s neither one thing nor t’other. It’s not totally waterproof; and it’s not totally breathable. But conceivably this could be the perfect jean for many people. It will wear like a regular jean; certainly it will be nicer to wear than a lined or Kevlar jean. It won’t be a jean for heavy and prolonged rain, but it will be better than a normal jean if you find yourself getting caught out!


  • Single-layer outer chassis made with Twaron
  • Windtex waterproof/windproof membrane laminated to inside of denim
  • Membrane not taped, so liable to to let water in after an extended period of time, or in heavy rain
  • Casual fit with no external stitching
  • Rated AA under EN17092
  • Supplied with CE armour in hips and knees
  • Supplied with elasticated stirrups


PMJ trousers have a 1 year warranty

Product Reviews


Paul F: Good Winter Jeans

Whilst advertised as waterproof .by PMJ, i bought them as winter jeans CP makes that clear. Just to use them on short trips where i could get caught out. And is does exactly what it says on then tinnice and warm, yet flexible. I found the knee pads awful and have opted for knee pad socks which holds them in place. I had a pair of PMJ jeans and Im a big fan of those and these dont disappoint .

Fred: As advertised

Bought these to wear around cold weather in Minnesota USA. The membrane very effectively stops the cold air from penetrating to the skin. Not as well as a laminated suit, but closer than I thought. Was able to ride around for 2 hrs in 3 C temp with just long Johns and these jeans. Had one minor instance of rain and can say that the jeans did keep me dry for about an hour in light-medium rain, then dried before rain could seep thru to skin. Jeans are comfortable, armor sits right but waste measurements are on the snug side I would say . Overall, these are ideal tweener jeans to fend off a bit of cold and some rain on cooler days. Not as comfortable as Rokker or as sturdy as Spidi but definitely more apt for variable weather.

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