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Belstaff Endurance boot review

Published on: 09 April 2020

The Belstaff Endurance is a classic, engineer’s style boot. It was a style that was originally popularised by those who worked on the plates of steam locomotives in America. When the boys returned from WW2 and took up biking to get their kicks, the engineers’ boot became a staple of the uniform; a uniform that would have been completed by a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Both Brando and Marvin wore this style of boot in The Wild One. Now the Belstaff iteration is made from a greased, buffalo leather. It’s not the kind of leather you’ll ever get a polish on, but when you combine a greased leather with a waterproof membrane you do get particularly high levels of waterproofing. The Endurance has protectors where you’d expect them. There’s a gearchange pad, and you get a Vibram sole, although not a Goodyear-welted sole as might at first appear to be the case. This is a very popular style with those who ride cruiser bikes, but it’s going to work equally well on any kind of classic or retro bike. We have seen people wear them on an adventure bike, but frankly it’s not the kind of boot you’d wear properly off road. And certainly we would suggest that it’s not designed for high-mileage commuting or touring. There is one little design flaw with the boot in our view; it’s not normally a deal breaker, but watch the review and Chris will explain the issue. He will also talk about the price, because the Endurance is very similar to a Stylmartin boot that is priced much lower. The Belstaff is a nicer boot in just about every regard, but you’ll have to accept that looking cool does come at a price. You can see the full range of Belstaff boots we stock.

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