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Belstaff McGee jacket review

Published on: 03 April 2020

The McGee jacket from Belstaff is not totally new, although this latest iteration is a bit different to its predecessor. Last year, Belstaff submitted all its jackets for CE approval, but to meet the required standard new materials and techniques had to be developed. For the McGee, Belstaff worked with British Millerain to create a material known as Tech Wax. This material comprised a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres. But there was a problem. In the initial version, produced last year, the wax was not absorbed by the synthetic fibres. It resulted in a jacket that was a little puffed up and greasy to the touch. But for this version the problem has been overcome. The McGee is based on the profile of the Crosby jacket. It sits longer than the Mojave, but shorter than the Trialmaster; the perfect compromise in our view. Now, in essence, the McGee is a slightly upgraded version of the Crosby. Of course, you get all the usual refinements; corduroy in the collar, a check lining, a waterproof membrane, D3O armour and so on. But with the McGee you also get extra quilted panelling on the shoulders and elbows and a really nice, elasticated belt adjuster system. The McGee costs a few more quid than the basic Crosby, but if you like the extra detailing it’s not a lot extra to pay. Anyway, listen to what the chap has to say. This may look like a classic, old-fashioned jacket, but it’s got everything you’re ever going to need; with a dose of cool style thrown in for good measure.

New for 2024 the Belstaff Crosby jacket is coming through in four colours and approved to a AA rating under EN17092.

For more information and to order online, click Belstaff McGee jacket.

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