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Belstaff Roberts jacket review

Published on: 04 April 2020

The Belstaff Roberts jacket is a lighter and easier to wear version of the Brooklands jacket. Like the Brooklands, the Roberts is a short jacket, but in styling terms it is a little more casual and less bikey. From a functionality perspective, however, it is pretty similar. Now the Roberts is not totally new. It was first introduced by Belstaff in 2019; it was part of a raft of new jackets that were submitted for CE approval. To meet the required standard Belstaff had to create a new, stronger fabric, which they did in collaboration with British Millerain. But in the initial production, there was a problem with the Roberts. The fabric that was developed by British Millerain was called Technical Wax Cotton. It was a combination of cotton and a stronger synthetic fibre. The end result was strong enough to meet the new EN17092 standard, but the synthetic fibres did not absorb the wax. This caused the material to puff up. It also left a greasy residue on the fabric. Luckily, for the latest incarnation of the Roberts jacket, the issue was resolved, and the wax cotton now has the feel that you would expect. In most other respects, the Roberts is a classic Belstaff jacket: corduroy in the collar, check lining and so on. The neck and waist adjusters on the Roberts are different to those on the Mojave, but most of the other differences between the two jackets are cosmetic. The Brooklands does have a thermal inner that the Roberts does not have, but the Roberts is £50 cheaper. Ultimately, we would suggest that the choice will not come down to price; it will come down to personal styling preferences. Listen to what the chap has to say. What he tells you might help you come to a conclusion.

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