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Belstaff Trialmaster Pro leather jacket review

Published on: 21 April 2020

The Belstaff Trialmaster is one of the most famous of all motorcycle jacket styles. Perhaps only the Schott Perfecto has a longer history. The full-length, four-pocket, wax cotton jacket was introduced only after the war and, in all likelihood, it was Barbour who actually invented the style. But by the mid-fifties the Trialmaster had become a staple of professional and non-professional riders alike. It was the perfect commuting jacket. Trials riders adopted it as their uniform. And if you were travelling the world there was nothing to match it. Riders like Sammy Miller, Steve McQueen and Bud Elkins all wore a Belstaff Trialmaster. But never did they get to experience the sheer luxury and comfort of a Belstaff fashioned in leather. And that’s because the leather version is a much more modern introduction. Belstaff jackets have always been available in leather and the latest 2020 leather Belstaff Trialmaster Pro is the first version to be properly CE approved. Now, from a protective standpoint, there was nothing wrong with the previous version, and in truth the new model isn’t any more protective, but this one has all the right labels. But there is one other change that identifies the CE version, and it’s the shorter one-way zip. Watch the video, and Chris will explain all. The leather Trialmaster is a work of art. Is it too nice to ride the bike in? Well maybe, although plenty of people do. It’s not a cheap jacket. You wouldn’t expect it to be, but Belstaff has a near identical jacket in their fashion range that is called the Panther 2.0. It doesn’t come with armour, and it’s not as well constructed, but it costs £200 more than the biking version. That’s why lots of people come to see us in Guildford. They buy the Trialmaster, and then throw the armour away. So all things are relative. We reckon this is a super-expensive piece, but if you’re only going to wear it on the street it’s actually a bit of a bargain!

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