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Bering Norris jacket review

Published on: 13 April 2020

In truth, Bering hasn’t traditionally been a Motolegends kind of brand, but we tend to be driven more by individual products than we are by brand reputations, so it’s not unusual for us to choose just a couple of pieces from a particular company. And indeed that’s the case with Bering. This jacket, the Norris, is a motorcycle jacket that takes its styling cues from the iconic M65 field combat jacket, made famous as the jacket worn by ‘grunts’ in the Vietnam War. Ironically, it later became the uniform of peace activists throughout the world, but putting politics aside it’s just a super-cool jacket. In fact, before we came across this jacket from Bering we had been talking to various manufacturers about having a similar jacket made for us. Our version would not have been very different to the Bering, but given the quantities we could have committed to, it would have been much more expensive. And that is one of the standout features of this jacket. At just £170, it represents simply amazing value. As a biking jacket, it wants for little. It is CE approved, comes as standard with shoulder and elbow armour, a 150g. thermal inner jacket and a waterproof membrane. It has all the adjusters you need to get the fit just right, and we really love the detailing, such as the authentic flap pockets and military-style epaulettes. It’s almost exactly the jacket we had envisaged having made, but at a price that we hadn’t considered remotely possible. It’s a really cool jacket; it’s going to work equally well on and off the bike. If you’ve got a few moments, listen to what our man has to say. I think he probably feels a bit miffed that Bering got there before him, but even Chris realises that he wouldn’t have produced a better jacket.

For more information and to order online, click Bering Norris jacket.

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