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Best Single-Layer Motorcycle Jeans Video Review

Published on: 10 January 2020

This video review is somewhat of a biggie; both in terms of the subject it tackles but also in length. The subject matter is single-layer jeans. Now, for some reason, we’ve always been big on riding jeans. Must have something to do with the kind of bikers we are. But, in recent years, we’ve become the poster boys for single-layer jeans.

Single-layer jeans are quite simply nicer to wear and more comfortable to ride in. They’re lighter, and without their Kevlar or aramid lining they flow the air much better. This is important, particularly in hot weather.

However, as ever, not all single-layer jeans are born equal. Some are stronger and more protective than others. They come in different washes and in different fits. In this not so short review Chris walks us through all the best single-layer jeans currently on the market. He tells us what’s good about the different models and, in typical Motolegends fashion, he also tells us what’s not so good.

So sit back and relax. In about half an hour’s time you’re going to know a lot more about single-layer jeans than you do right now.

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