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Top 10 laminated motorcycle jackets 2023-2024

Published on: 04 January 2024

We have titled this editorial ‘Top 10 laminated…’, but retailers like us are obliged to come up with grandiose headings like this in order to get noticed by Google’s robots.

The truth, however, is that we’re merely highlighting 10 of our favourite laminated jackets. And that means jackets that do different kinds of jobs for different kinds of riders; and jackets that hit different kinds of price points to suit different kinds of pockets.

We don’t do all the brands out there, so of course this is not a comprehensive review. We’re just talking about jackets from the brands we work with, but we do tend to gravitate towards some of the better brands, so we still think you will find here some of the nicest laminated jackets on the market.

The world has certainly gone a bit ‘laminated’ mad recently, and of course this kind of unthinking adherence to a particular technology happens in all markets.

Now, much is we recognise that laminated is the only way to go for some motorcyclists, we still tend to the view that most motorcyclists will be better off with a traditional drop-liner, or z-liner, garment. In anything less than three or four hours of rain you will still stay dry in a drop-liner garment. But, certainly, at the entry-level end of the market, a drop-liner garment will be more reliable. It will also be more comfortable, it will be warmer, and it will offer better value..

But once bikers have learned something from a guy they meet at a biker café, they are not easily swayed. No two ways about it, by the time many bikers come to visit us here in the shop, their minds are set. They not only want, but in their opinion, need, laminated. So be it. Who are we to get in the way of someone’s heartfelt desires?Although what is true is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good-quality drop-liner outfits. And that’s because the manufacturers are also sheep-like in their tendency to follow trends!

Anyway, it is what it is. You can watch the entire video to try and understand the differences between a number of jackets. Or, you can click on one of the links below to learn a bit more about a jacket that particularly appeals to you. Obviously new things are coming through for 2024 and one of the most interesting is the Rukka Kemi which is Rukka's first non-Goretex laminated suit. We are interested to see if it makes next year's list.

Either way, good luck. But the bottom line is this. You will still benefit from coming to see us, because if the best suit in the world doesn’t fit you, or work for your kind of riding, it will simply be your next, expensive mistake. We’ve all made them. As we see it, it’s our job to help you escape the cycle!

Belstaff Long Way Up suit

The Belstaff Long Way Up

Jacket £1250.00 | Pant £850.00

Halvarssons Sunne suit

The Halvarssons Sunne

Jacket £499.99 | Pant £369.99

Bering Austral GTX suit

The Bering Austral GTX

Jacket £790.00 | Pant £640.00

Rukka Nivala suit

The Rukka Nivala

Jacket £1399.99 | Pant £1049.99

Klim Carlsbad suit

The Klim Carlsbad

Jacket £790.00 | Pant £640.00

Halvarssons Gruven suit

The Halvarssons Gruven

Jacket £599.99 | Pant £429.99

Klim Latitude suit

The Klim Latitude

Jacket £860.00 | Pant £690.00

Rukka Explore-R suit

The Rukka Explore-R

Jacket £1329.99 | Pant £1014.99

Bering Zephyr suit

The Bering Zephyr

Jacket £349.99 | Pant £299.99

Klim Kodiak suit

The Klim Kodiak suit

Jacket £1500.00 | Pant £820.00


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