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Best winter motorcycle jackets 2019

Published on: 20 November 2019

In this review, Chris, the geezer in the cap, talks us through some of Motolegends’ favourite winter jackets. He is, of course, his normal bumbling self, and in this video he seems to get particularly confused about the positioning of elbows and shoulders. But is he getting better in front of the camera? We’re not so sure.

Anyway, in our winter jacket walk through, he gives us a brief walk through ten very different jackets, all of which are more than up to the job of protecting you from the elements in even the most inclement of conditions.

All of the jackets, obviously, come with a waterproof membrane, although in some it’s a laminated one; in others it’s a drop liner. In terms of thermal protection, some have fixed liners, some have removable ones. Some are gilets, some are filled with duck down, some are infused with Outlast. Some of the jackets that Chris shows us don’t even come with a thermal lining. But that’s not a problem. It just means that you have to bring you own thermal solution to the party. Of course, our favoured option in such a jacket would be an electrically heated liner from Warm and Safe. Wear it unplugged all year round as a wind stopper, then plug it in when you start to feel the chill.

What is going to work best for you depends very much on what you ride, how you ride, when you ride, and so on. Take a few moments, and hear what the chap in the cap has to say. He may not be a natural at this video stuff; some say he has the perfect face for radio, but hidden somewhere in between his hesitations and confusions are some interesting observations. You never know; you might even discover the jacket you’ve been looking for.

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