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Halvarssons Macan jean review

Published on: 27 March 2020

Here at Motolegends we are the jeans people. We sell more motorcycle jeans than anybody in the country. But as we move forward we won’t be offering any traditional aramid-lined, or Kevlar, jeans. They’re just too yesterday! The future is in single-layer jeans where the denim thread is woven around a super-strong fibre to create a single-layer fabric that is very abrasion resistant. Now we sell lots of single-layer jeans, but the one that often gets forgotten is the Macan jean from Halvarssons. The starting point for these jeans is very encouraging. They’re AAA rated under the latest CE regulations, and they come in at just over £200. Now, one of the reasons we sometimes forget about the Macans is that they are probably not the sexiest jean on the market. And that’s a bit unfair, because their slightly more relaxed fit makes them the perfect option for some people. We’re talking about people with chunkier legs and those who simply don’t like tight-fitting clothing. But actually, here in the shop, there’s another reason that the Macans tend not to be our go-to jean. And it’s the armour. It’s old fashioned, it’s too big, too heavy, too stiff and so on. If it’s in the right place when you’re on the bike it’s okay. But a lot of people simply can’t get into the Macans because they catch their feet in the armour. So many people come out of the changing room here saying that they couldn’t cope with the hassle. A shame, as we’ve said, because it’s a good jean. As the Chap in the Cap explains, however, we have a workaround. Throw the Halvarssons armour away, and instead fit the new D3O Ghost armour with Velcro that we have had produced just for us. Fit this into the Macans, and the problem goes away. Downside? You’ll be in for an extra £30. But, if this is the jean for you, and especially if this is the only single-layer jean that fits you, that extra may well be worth paying. Bear in mind that the jeans are pretty well priced at just £209.00. Watch the review, because the new armour does transform these jeans. If you’ve already got a pair of Macans, then likewise you can transform the riding experience. The Macan jean is also available for ladies.

For more information and to order online, click Halvarssons Macan jean.

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