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Halvarssons Prime jacket and Prince pants review

Published on: 08 November 2016



The combination we're talking about is the Prime jacket and the Prince trouser. The starting point, of course, is that these pieces are both made by our Swedish friends at Halvarssons. We’re huge fans of this Scandinavian maker.

They’re serious people, very practical, and totally focussed on protecting motorcyclists. The result is that their gear simply works.

Very rarely; in fact very very rarely, do we have problems with the quality of their clothing, its performance, or its robustness. But if anything ever does go wrong, the good news is that the service Halvarssons gives to its end-users is in a different league to that offered by any other manufacturer. We know all the manufacturers pretty well, and the Swedish company is in a class of one.

But the Prime and the Prince are, in our humble opinion, the jewels in the Halvarssons crown.


Made for each other - the Prime jacket and the Prince trouser, from Halvarssons.

As you’d expect, these pieces have got all the company’s top bells and whistles.

Things like their Hi-Art abrasion-resistant backing in vulnerable areas that increases the strength of the fabric by no less than 500%. That’s a lot.

On both the top and bottom halves, you get a Dryway Plus waterproof, windproof and breathable drop liner. As well as a removable Outlast and Thinsulate, temperature regulating liner (Google Outlast and Thinsulate if you want to know just how clever they are).

Of course, some people will swear by the benefits of a three-layer laminate construction, and indeed if you ride every day throughout the winter months, these people may have a point.

But three layer garments are invariably uncomfortable to wear and, for most of us, are totally unnecessary. They’re also much more expensive.


The Halvarssons Prime jacket comes in three colour ways.

Obviously, there’s CE approved armour in the elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. There’s also a pocket for a back protector.

Both halves have generous air vents that will come in super handy when the temperature starts to rise. Both also have volume adjusters to stop the fabric from flapping at higher speeds.

The top and bottom can attach one to the other, although we have to say that we are big supporters of the braces that are also supplied with the Prince pant. Some people don’t like braces; but that’s only because they haven’t tried them. Braces are just brilliant. They make riding so much more comfortable.

A neat feature on the jacket is a zip-in, hi-vis panel. The jacket also comes with a removable neck warmer, whilst on the trousers you get a non-slip leather panel on the seat.

But that’s the technical stuff, and what we would have to admit is that there are quite a few suits out there that have a similar array of features.

What makes this particular combination so amazing, however, is the way it fits, and the way it feels.


Unlike a lot of highly technical motorcycle gear, the Halvarssons Prime and Prince suit really does look great.

With its unique elasticated and adjustable side straps, the Prime jacket seems to fit a huge array of shapes and sizes perfectly; from the most petite to the much less petite!

The ladies’ version, called the Electra, delivers an equally flattering fit. Just about everybody looks good in it.

The other factor that helps bikers get a perfect fit is that both the male and the female pants come in a long leg and a short leg. There’s even a version with an extra short leg.

The bottom line, as far as we’re concerned, is this. In the real world, this is a combination that is going to be the perfect suit for 90% of riders in 90% of situations.

We don’t think there’s anything out there that offers the same level of performance, protection, practicality and, of course, comfort.

All of which might just explain why we think it’s the perfect two-piece riding suit.



Click on the images above to view our product pages. If you want to try this suit for yourself, you need to come and see us at the Motolegends shop in Surrey.

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