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Halvarssons Seth Leather Jean Video Review

Published on: 19 February 2020

The default option these days for those who don’t want to wear technical motorcycle gear tends to be jeans and a leather jacket, although of course the kind of bike you ride and the kind of riding you do will also have a bearing on your clothing choices. But there are people out there who won’t wear jeans. Whether that’s because they don’t trust protective jeans, or whether it’s because they think they look sexier in leather, is not always clear. But some people only want leather. And we’re cool with that. Leather is comfortable, protective and, of course, it can look great. But there aren’t that many, non-racey, leather pants on the market these days. In this review, Chris talks to us about a stonking leather jean from Halvarssons called the Seth. Made from goat hide it’s both super strong and incredibly comfortable. Take a few minutes out to listen to what our very own ‘snake hips’ has to say on the matter.

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